Smallest fully flowered marijuana plant!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by choncharoncha, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. choncharoncha

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    I just harvested the smallest plant ever. Total height of the plant was 6" from the root ball. Total harvest will be somewhere around a gram (dried and cured of course). I do not know the strain but it looks and smells very good. Is it a certain strain that grows like this? I grew it in the same pot as another plant and had a third in its own pot. The other two plants surpassed the little guy "Mini Me", very quickly during vegging. I almost cut it out when I induced flowering but I thought what the hell? So it spit out little white pistols. So I harvested right at 60 days. Trics looked good and ready even thought the plant was only 6 inches tall and the stem was thinner than a 16 penny nail. The other two plants grew perfectly normal. Anyone know why my plant was so small? Anyone ever heard of a smaller fully flowered marijuana plant? Thanks.
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  2. tha_green_ghost

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    IT probably just grew slower than the others for whatever reason...and then flowering was induced so that's what you got. You said it was in the same pot as another? The other plant was probably the dominant one in competition with your "mini-me"
    ...just my educated guess.:D

    I once started an outdoor grow right into flowering season and it pretty much did the same stayed about 6''-7'' and flowered.
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  3. killerweed420

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    Here's a couple pix of my first grow. Some BC Bud that was in a guerilla grow that had to be moved. The tallest ones were about 14".

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  4. choncharoncha

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  5. dust22

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    ha, wow.

    this is truly fucking amazing.
  6. bigjohnson688

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    don't you hate growing joint's
  7. ericrezners

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    I just finished a recent grow similar to yours. You can find my thread in the basic growing section titled: First Time Project.

    You might find it interesting but i harvested about a gram and the thing just wouldnt grow
  8. notrightquite

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    I've got one insanely tiny little one going ... not even sure of the sex just yet, but it looks exactly the same as all the others - only miniature. Roughly 1" tall, on the fourth node. :p
  9. potfanman

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    similar situation

    my friend has an unidentified seed that is growing slower than anything iv ever heard of. Its exactly 6 inches tall. Has been in 18/6 veg for 7 weeks now. It has pushed its pistols out vigorously between week 5 and 6. Its starting to show trichromes on the top and on the new growth. It is under 230w of 65k, 150w of 50k and 50w of 27k. All cfl lighting. we cant tell if its starting to flower or not because we thought it needed to change to 12/12. Also, if it is flowering in 18/6, should he change it to 12/12?
  10. SovietNabisco

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    Man I wish you had some more pictures. From what I see, it's a beautiful little indica.
  11. silverphoenix

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    its your lights

    i had a few grows like this and started doing my homework and realized that my mistake was simply bulbs being a nube i didnt read specific lighting guids until this year and way better results on my indoor grow using 6 23 wat 6700k cfls to veg and 8 13 watt 2700k it worked awesome 4 ft plants all around
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  12. Noob1985

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    Dude it sounds like you and your mate have an autoflowering strain, I am only saying this because you said it started showing pistils on week 5 or 6 under 18/6, am I correct ? If so, It definately is a auto strain. Good Luck. Peace :thumbsup:
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  13. adiitaff

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    my plant is 3" high and is starting its 6th node. duno wat the fuk is goin on?
  14. martyaka

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    was wondering if this s a male or hermie IMG_20120604_173313.jpg
  15. silent leprechaun

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    hard to say at the moment. I think I can see male nanners (balls).

    And I also think I can see some female pistils... not 100%
  16. silent leprechaun

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    Your lights might be too intense. The more intense the light the shorter the nodes. You should try to keep your nodes at 1 inch apart (3cm).

    Move you lights away from the plant a bit and then it should start to stretch again. Keep an eye on your plant twice a day to be sure it doesnt stretch too much.

    Always listen to your plants. They are telling you whether they are happy or sad all the time ;)
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  17. Megsi R

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    That is F-ing awesome so tiny but good buds!
  18. Weezard

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    Yeah, I realize it's an old thread.
    But the bad answers might mislead the new guys.
    So, two cents comin' right up. :D

    Lot of folks missed that it was in a pot with a normal plant.
    So it is not a lighting issue, yah?

    If you are still wondering why it runted, it's quite likely that the seed was planted upside down, or the tap root got blocked by a chunk of wood, or a rock.
    Happens alla time.
    I rinse off the roots when I harvest and do a little forensics.
    The more you know, da mo' betta you grow.
    sprout.jpg turnaround 2.jpg Always plant them pointy end up.

    Wee 'zard
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