Smart to smoke on a porch/garage?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by KoRnStaR, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+

    Hey everyone.

    Been smoking heavily for a few months, and sometimes have no where to smoke. I live with my parents till January, and if I'm not hotboxing or at a friends where we can smoke, I have no where to go.

    So I ask.

    Is it alright to smoke in a garage? It won't leak out or anything *the smell*, right? Should I use lysol?

    And what about smoking outside at night..any cause for concern there? Just tryign to find the best spot to do it without getting caught..thanks guys.
  2. CaptainDankNuggets

    CaptainDankNuggets Registered+

    Well ok dude first of all it depends on where you live and if you live around alot of people, cause well it would be pretty safe to do it in your garage if you open the the door just a bit to let some smoke out, and outside wouldnt be to bad just do it real late when your parents are sleeping, and i guess it would be pretty safe to do it on your porch if you live in a secure area, or your backyard

    I hope that helps
  3. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+

    thanks..i could just lysol the garage when i'm done smoking there, right?

    my parents know i smoke already, so that's not a factor to me

    just getting caught by neighbors is what concerns me

    or smoking outside, in porch, with the screens down..afraid smoke may travel, some one can smell it, and call the cops.

    just worried about that kind of stuff, you know?

    thanks for the advice by the way
  4. CaptainDankNuggets

    CaptainDankNuggets Registered+

    Oh yeah dude lysol will work, and yeah that would suck to get caught by neigbors and then having them call the cops so yeah id just smoke in the garage to be on the safe side
  5. PotheadInMass

    PotheadInMass Registered

    I wouldnt worry too much, the smell aint gonna go that far, as long as its just you and you didnt invite 100 friends to have a smoke fest in your garage i doubt any smell will go anywhere, and besides chances are anyone who smells it and knows its weed by the smell smokes, else how would they know the smell.... its also colder at mnight and smell isnt as good in the cold.
  6. nick585

    nick585 Registered+

    i ussually just open a window turn a fan on and smoke out my front window(kinda of stupid to do, considering its like the broad daylight and people are always passing by) btw yea doing it in ur garage should be safe, incece will also cover the smell well or axe.
  7. xxSTONER.MANxx

    xxSTONER.MANxx Registered

    dumb as in garage dummie fuck
  8. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+

    the hell did you just say?
  9. Toker4LifeVT

    Toker4LifeVT Registered+

    Probably just another troll, ignore him and he will go away.
  10. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

    im lucky my neighbors are cool i can smoke a blunt on my front porch they dont smoke but they ask me if its good shit. and the cops know who I am so they stay clear of me and my house...its good to be me :cool:
  11. haphsaph

    haphsaph Registered

    I'm so glad the only other person in my apartment building has no sense of smell

    of course, this sucks when walking behind him on a hot day
  12. stupids

    stupids Registered+

    If your parents already know....fishbowl your bedroom...
  13. NeoBudd

    NeoBudd Registered

    Ozium is great for killing the smell. Get it at a local auto parts shop.
  14. del...

    del... Registered+

    common sense, man. only you know your situation so use your head and realize the smell lingers on anything that cames into contact with the smoke for several hours. and unless you've been using lysol regularly over the years, don't ya think your mom would think it odd you suddenly developed an urge for cleanliness?
    stuff a couple "bounce" fabric softener sheets into a cardboard tube and exhale thru it after capping your pipe tight immediately after hitting it will minimize escaping aroma's and leave the cleaning supplies to mom (or her maid). i'm an old toker who visits mom when i have to and have been using that method for decades at her my home she has to put up with the cloud.

    common sense...
  15. hunnybunnybabyO

    hunnybunnybabyO Registered

    I live in a pretty busy part of DC and sometimes I'll smoke on my balcony in my apartment and no one seems to notice. BUT I only really smoke spliffs, cuz the smell of tobacco kind of covers the weed smell- or so others have claimed. That would be a good idea, along with using some lysol or even febreeze...BUT THEN del said that may not be a good idea- it IS actually more suspicious to have the smell of lysol suddenly- at random times- don't u think? My boyfriend went nuts spraying shit one time around my whole place, and I really think that does a worse job covering the situation at hand. Just gotta be discreet:p
  16. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+

    Well, I smoke on my porch sometimes, have a glass pipe, hopefully the smoke doesn't linger too far..
  17. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    .... Dont smoke in your garage and then spray lysol. Your parents would hear that shit if your garage is built with your house, unless it was apart...
  18. omega

    omega Registered


    I would maybe walk to a park or down some streets with a joint that looks wrapped in cig looking paper. If away from a privet place dont be near your car or with more then you can eat.

    I was once smoking a bowl at a park and a cop pulled up and was like "Hello whats that your smoking?" I was luck my car was parked 200 yards away, I had driven there. I waited until he got out of his car and ran fast all the way home thru yards and alleys.

    Dont smoke in parks or in a parked car you a sitting duck.
  19. heyheymymy

    heyheymymy Registered

    yeah, if you're folks already know just puff in your room
  20. South

    South Registered+

    Garage….(Crack A Door or Window) Or A Small Quit Fan. Something to Get The Circulation moving To ..Can I Say …Dilute? The Air, The Smoke.
    Works for me

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