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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bluntwiz, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. bluntwiz

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    K i looked everywhere for an answer to this but no luck =(
    i just harvested my buds a few days ago and they are drying right now... however, the first day of harvest they smelled really potent but they've slowly been losing their "weed" smell and starting to smell like "greenary" - this is worrying me.... is this normal during the drying process because the chlorophyll is being evaporated? will the "weed" smell come back after im done curing them?

    thanks =)
  2. LIP

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    Yes. This is normal, although it shouldnt completely loose its weed smell.

    The weed smell is that of the trichomes, and as the plant grows, the trichomes grow, therefore meaning they are not crystalls yet, they are small mushrooms containing oils.

    As they dry, they go hard.

    Once the buds are dry, and the stem can be snapped easily, you can start to cure them.

    *Make sure the buds dry, you dont want it molding.*

    During the curing process you break down the chlorophyl and other chemicals what give it the planty smell.

    The weed smell will come back, more potent, and it'll taste better, smoke better, and it'll be alot smoother.

    The key is patience my friend.

    Also, curing activates more THC so cured bud is way more potent than fresh bud.
  3. busteruk7

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    i totally agree with lip
    and theres not much more to say really
    hows it going lip m8 good i hope :)
    cheers all :)
  4. LIP

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    Yeah its good cheers mate. Went to the Dam, cant even remember most of it. Never passed out so mant times lol!

    Crazy stuff, but i did meet another engineer out there at a bar so i wasnt alone lol. All i can remember is weed talked for ages, then i went to my room and tried to smoke a joint, but couldnt lol.. Way too gone lol.

    How you been mate?
  5. busteruk7

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    yeah good ,ive just bought myself a yamaha DTR 125 dirtbike for fucking about on in the fields
    ive been twidling about in the engine for last week fucking about with the power valve lol
    apart from that everything else is good my grow is coming along nicely, im thinking ,well im definatly gonna set up a better grow space in my loft i went up there about 4 days ago with a 600w hps light and saw how much space is actually up there ,so ive been cleaning a corner of it out for a better grow space. in the bit i chose i could easily get 6 to 8 plants flowering in it , makes a change from just 2 plants ,ill let ya know how that goes anyway ive got a lot of work to do untill i get it running
    im glad ya enjoyed ya holiday ,what was ya favourite type of weed that they sold or was it all good lol
    ive heard loads about that place did ya go to any raves when you were there or any decent clubs !!!!
    good to hear from ya m8
    cheers all :)
  6. SpiritLevel

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    Chill Bluntwiz.. after around 14 days drying and curing you will smoke your stoner socks off.. The green smell is the chlorophil, it is breaking down.. Gee i love vegetable.. try not to be too tempted to smoke your gear too early.. often the longer you leave it to cure the more pungent and smokable your product becomes

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