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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Lennon06, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Lennon06

    Lennon06 Registered+

    can u smoke pot inside ur house then get rid of the smell? like dont the smell stay in the curtains or summit. and how much time do ya leave the room to get rid of all smell.

    im livin wit my mum and dad so i wanna make sure i'll be alrite if they go away for the weekend
    or i wanna smoke in my bedroom out the window

    lol need precautions
  2. ethsfreshman

    ethsfreshman Registered+

    spray ozium... exhale into pillows... take altoids...extinguish bowl with time so no smoke escapes... you can smoke while they are in the house that way... :D
  3. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    Marijuana smoke doesen't really leave a scent for too long after you smoke it like tobacco does.

    I smoke in this room all the time and it doesen't smell like the slightest trace of smoke right now. I smoked last about 3 hours ago in here. A bong though, I won't smoke blunts in the house becuase it leaves that nasty tobacco odor.
  4. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    With the AC going, I can clear a room of the smell in about 10 or 15 minutes...when using a pipe. Takes longer with a joint or blunt. That's one thing I miss about living in a highrise, can't blow smoke out the windows anymore...too many crumbsnatchers about.
  5. mowie wowie

    mowie wowie Registered+

    but make sure to change your shirt and spray yourself with axe, the smell really goes with you, and you can't smell it on yourself.
  6. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    just open the windows i smoke in my room and in the basement all the time nd im fine. it goes away quickly.
  7. SpiritLevel

    SpiritLevel Banned

    good air flow. i don't do it but i know people who do and they just open everywhere up and burn an incence or a bit of air fresners..
  8. iluTaxina

    iluTaxina Registered

    I usually smoke out of my window in my room. My room is pretty big, so it just goes out the window. Always have a fan on, though, either during or after, or both. I have the fan on low when I'm smoking so I can hear if my parents are coming, and then after I'll leave it on high and leave the room.

    My friend's room is really small, so her room will reek. She has a zoom tube (a tube filled with Febreeze and air freshener stuff) that she blows the smoke out into and it comes out smelling like Febreeze. Always leave the windows open if you're not hotboxing, and try to use a fan.
  9. herbman420skw

    herbman420skw Registered

    Incense works great, just burn a couple inscent sticks and start tokin
  10. TimboBandit

    TimboBandit Registered+

    If your parents are going away you can smoke with no worries. Just open a window and it'll clear out in a few hours tops. Ever burn food in the kitchen? It clears out soon enough
  11. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    yo lennon, u live in london rite, i have the smae problem, just go down to tesco an pick up some of their room air freshners, just spray around your rooms and the air freashner will stick to curtains an shit like that, also weed doesn't stick to fabrics as much as tobacco, so this air freashner will totally cover up the smell plus itll smell decent
  12. mojoke

    mojoke Registered+

    i would only recommend this if you regularly burn inscent or if you've never been caught... if you've been caught a couple times and there on to you, burning incense is gonna tell them you're doin somethin :Rasta:

    only things you should cover with are airfresheners you usually use or colognes or deodorant like axe.
  13. sMokethEntoke

    sMokethEntoke Registered+

    just open the window and out the fan on itll clear out
  14. Aftershock00

    Aftershock00 Registered+

    yeah just keep your door shut, open your window and as soon as all the smokes gone there is practically no smell left at all.
  15. MistaPoleeseMan

    MistaPoleeseMan Registered+

  16. ChEmIcLeS420

    ChEmIcLeS420 Registered

    yo fool i had the same problem and my friend on xbox told me a solution. if you have a bathroom with that air vent thing then do it in there, but anyways, what you do is take the cardboard out of the toilet paper roll and stuff 2 sheets of fabric softener in there. then wrap 1 piece around 1 of the sides of the cardboard and put a rubber band around so it doesnt come off. then you light up, take a hit, and blow through the tube and when the smoke comes out of the other side, it doesnt smell at all. the only smell youll get is from the smoke rising off the bowl or joint or w.e. but it works dude, good luck.

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