Smells like hay!!!???

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by trupothead420, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. trupothead420

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    i put a few dried buds in the jar for curing and when i went to take of the lid for a bit, i smelled inside tha jar, and it smells jus like hay. i felt like i was in a barn or something. Is it supposed to smell like thatt at the beginning of curing, or..?? Have i done something wrong? i know the bud does not smell like that, since i got the seeds from the bud long ago. Will they begin to get there actual smell as they cure, like when they were in the flowering stage?...thnx
  2. invision

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    they will gain back the smell after a few weeks
  3. trupothead420

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    koo...thnx brah
  4. LIP

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    The smell of green is a good one. It means the buds are breaking down the chemicals in the plant, such as chlorophyl that gives it its green colour.

    Also curing activates THC and makes the buds more potent.

    You'll know when your buds are getting close to perfect, because the small bud leaves should be turning a greyish colour... Good shit!

    4 weeks is normally perfect, but you can even do it longer.
  5. trupothead420

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    koo...'preciate it LIP.....where ya been...havent seen ya one in awhile

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