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    I'm not sure if this is the place to see I'm new here ..but here goes..I've just harvested two sativas that I have grown out in the bush. I originally had five plants but 3 turned out to be males..I harvested them when most tricomes(not sure of spelling) were cloudy only a few were amber...looking for that type of to the question....The buds smell like lemon...very citrusy...and the high is fantastic...Unfortunately I was unable to get a clone to keep it going for another season...My question is can anyone tell me the name of a strain of sativa that has these characteristics that can be finished out doors at around lat 45 degrees. I know its not much background information but any help would be appreciated. If outdoors is out of the question could you give me the name of a strain of sativa that is not to difficult for a nubie indoor grower ...Thanks in advance...:jointsmile:
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    Only mine smelled like pink grapefruit! Still delicious, though! - Granny:hippy:
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    Cinderella 99 has a grapefruit and/or a pineapple pheno, that is highly sought-after, supposedly superior to the regular lemony version ... I haven't gotten one of those yet, all mine have been the 'regular' lemon pheno ... :jointsmile:
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    that makes me happy to hear that fact i still have a virgin pack of bogs c99 :jointsmile:
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    california orange also has a citrusey smell
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    i would like to know too, but if you didnt buy the seeds recently it is probably not a c99. there seems to be a few that can carry that trait. mostly found in sativas?
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    Thank you all for your help. I was uncertain about the strain because the seeds were bag seeds that were given to my brother who passed them on to me. Would there be any recommendations as to possible reliable commercial seed sources that would be available in Canada.Thanks again for the prompt responces.....
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    I already supplied you with a link, there in canada, but you have to read it ... :smokin:
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    Sorry about that...I only had a chance to give it a quick read as ! was on my way out the door..have visited the site and am quite pleased to see that the price is not out of reach...why is there such a difference in the price from one supplier to another for the same strain...again thanks for your help "Image Reaper"

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