Smoked for the first time and got a little concerned

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by bahr5555, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Ok, so, yesterday I smoked weed for the first time and i had been wanting to for quite a while. It was a normal sized blunt and I was with a friend, who has smoked weed a lot of times. The thing is, I live in Brazil, so the pot here is rarely pure. Anyways, we smoked around 6pm and after 30 minutes we were already feeling high and happy and etc, I took a lot of hints for a first timer, but I was feeling fine so whatever. Anyways, we got the munchies and went to eat burguer king, around them I started feeling very sleepy and went home to sleep. By 10pm I was already blacked out in my bed. So far so good. Then around 2am I woke up with my heart beating faster than usual but I was still so tired and sleepy, feeling like a truck had hit me, but due to my heartbeat being high, i couldnt go back to sleep, so i just got up, washed my face, drank a lot of water and watched tv shows until my heartbeat got back to its normal state, which was around 3:45am.
    Anyways, after searching on the internet, I found out that the increased heartbeat is actually common, but what concerned me is that it was 6 hours after I had already smoked, is that normal? I read people saying they get the faster heartbeats when they're smoking or not so long after that.
    (Also, it wasn't a hearbeat sooo fast that I felt like my heart was gonna explode or that I was going to die or something, it was a normal accelerated heartbeat [kinda like the ones your get when you're anxious about something], nothing that made me feel extremely out of control. I just got worried because it was my first time and I was not expecting that at all, because my friend had told me that I was going to sleep really heavy after that and just wake up the next day)
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    You are fine. It was the Burger King meal that did you in. That shit will kill you.
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