Smoked Weed for the first time - Didn't get high

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by bugmenot11, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. bugmenot11

    bugmenot11 Registered

    Last night I tried weed for the first time with a good friend of mine.
    We were at my place, and it was all very quiet, and there was nothing at all stressing about the place.

    We had 2 joints of some of the best quality weed you can find (I don't feel comfortable going into details).

    So we each took our first hit, and yes before you ask, we do know how to smoke. We inhaled it into our lungs, and coughed like shit, but didn't really feel anything.

    So we just kept smoking and smoking... and we ended up finishing both of the joints.

    We were feeling kinda tipsy at best (like after 2 bottles of beer). It's not that the weed didn't have ANY effect on us... it just wasn't all that great.

    I just wanted to know: Did we just have some sort of horrible misconception about the actual effects of weed? Or do we just have some sort of natural resistance to cannabis? For the record, those were some pretty fat joints.

    I'm kinda new to all this, so go easy on me!
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  2. Arkwell

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    id say try it again :/ :Rasta:
    i know the first time i blazed i got stupid high..i doubt you have some natural resiliance to it, i have heard of people not getting high the first time
  3. bighitz

    bighitz Registered

    Most people don't get high on their first time. Probably because they are scared to have as much weed as needed to get sufficiently high. Try smoking a few more joints next time.
  4. kelcierin

    kelcierin Registered


    yeah, you're not going to get high the first time because your body doesn't really kno what to do with it. it's never been in there before, so your body is kind of thinking wtf? the more you smoke it the more it'll understand, and you'll eventually be super blitzed:thumbsup:
  5. COzigzag

    COzigzag Registered+

    It took me about 3-5 tries before I felt the high.

    The first few times my head felt somewhat like it was in a vise, I was a little cross eyed, and the top of my head felt a little tingly.

    I didn't feel high though and really had to wonder about this 'high' thing.
  6. gypski

    gypski Registered+

    When you feel like you are moving in slow motion after you get ripped, then you will know you are in stoned land. Best feeling in the world. :D: :smokin:
  7. kshchrn831

    kshchrn831 Registered+

    Yeah, Gypski has explained it good enough.

    First couple of times I smoked, didnt get too high, it felt something but it was nothing to praise..

    Then I smoked out of a nice glass pipe, and took at least 4-5 massive rips and I was completely ripped. Everything felt so extremely slow motion that I was experiencing every moment in what felt like a movie strip being played slow motion, frame by frame... hard to explain but man I wish I could get that high still..
  8. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    should have used a everytime..:thumbsup:

    alot of newbies i deal with try my volcano as their first way of getting high and it works:hippy: (I think its beause you get more thc vaping than smoking)
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  9. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    Humans dont have a natural resistance to cannabis, and even most animals will get stoned. Either it was very good qaulity weed, you didnt smoke enough, or you didn't inhale it.

    If you smoke a big ass doobie of some dank you will get stoned!!!(hell i have a tolernace through the roof and that will get me stoned)

    the first time I got high was the happiest and most enjoyable experience of my life. Everything wwas in slow motion and I couldnt stop laughing, smiling, and eating.

    Keep on toking and you will see the light. You will be mystified that something on earth can make you "feel" this way(mushrooms do the same thing but sometimes in a bad way)
  10. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Took me a couple times before I saw the light :abduct:
  11. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    I got stoned the first time I tried it. I was very apprehensive, but once I got high my thoughts raced while I experienced such a calm, warm feeling. I remember thinking, this is the greatest thing in the world. Everything I've ever been told about pot is wrong, wrong, holy shit it's wrong!

    My first time was with Tai Stick, which was significantly more potent than the Mexican that much more prevalent then. Therefore I have no way of knowing what would have happened if I would have smoked a less potent weed. Still, I suspect first timers who don't get high are usually being ripped off and are too "new" to know it. Either that or just low quality weed.
  12. TheChameleon

    TheChameleon Registered+

    How come we all try again??? there must be something good!!!
  13. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    There was a story I read somewhere about the real Thai Stick being dipped in opium. Something about how a high percentage of the soldiers coming back from the region tested positive for opiates...

    I don't think that's the case, cuz everyone else smoking with me was baked. They were almost pissed off that I wasn't high. But I heard it from several people that the first time doesn't work for everyone, so I just kept at it until it did... and then some :jointsmile:
  14. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    First I've heard of that. I rather doubt the Thai Stick I smoked was dipped in opium. I've tried opium and it was a completely different high. Thai Stick didn't need to be dipped in opium IMHO. :stoned:

    If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. :thumbsup:
  15. Ocotillo

    Ocotillo Registered+

    Yes, there is an old theory that many won't get stoned the first time. That probably explains your non reaction to it. :detective1:

    For me? I "borrowed" a piece of my brothers home grown leafy stuff back in the day. I knew right away I was onto some thing good. :stoned:
  16. bugmenot11

    bugmenot11 Registered

    Wow, thanks a-lot for all your responses guys :D
    I guess I'll just try it again soon... maybe even tomorrow, and hope that what some of you have said is correct (that it's hard to get stoned the first time around).

    While we're on the subject, I basically had 2 joints already rolled neatly with a filter and everything... now I have about 10 grams in simple leaf form.

    Any tips on how to properly roll it into a joint? I know I need to add a small amount of tobacco... any advice on the Tobacco:Cannabis ratio I should be using?
  17. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    What kind of filter are you talking about? The kind for cigs will filter out the good stuff. I just take some thin cardboard and roll it to size.

    As for the tobacco, if the weed is properly dried it shouldn't need any. Personally I use about a 5:1 weed:tobacco ratio. My Spanish friends used about 1:1. I don't smoke theirs ;)

    You say you're smoking leaves... leaves can get me high but nothing like buds. Got a pic of your stash?
  18. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    dude....if there are leaves in your bag, like...big green whole leaves, you got ripped off want the buds. dont mix it with tobacco. please. that destroys the flavor and feeling of the weed smoke. i smoke cigs and pot but never tobacco in my blunts/joints. once you learn how to roll it will burn evenly without tobaco
  19. Gifted132

    Gifted132 Registered


    When you try it again make sure your not in a tree! The 2nd time I smoked I happend to be in a tree,not a good idea, long way down! But did not feel becuase I was laughing my ass off ! Once you get stoned you will never go back, a real eye opener.
  20. mugenbao

    mugenbao Registered+

    I didn't get high the first several times I tried it. I've been around pot since the day I was born, and had seen all of my adult relatives get ripped, baby sitters, etc. So when I tried it and nothing much happened, I was fairly unimpressed. (BTW, that experience really made me doubt all of the D.A.R.E.-style fear tactics and 'drug education' in school)

    But it was always around, and my friends were interested, so I tried it again a few times. And let me tell ya, when it really hit me for the first time, I was duly impressed. Glued to the floor giggling my damned ass off.

    My wife just tried cannabis for the first time a couple months back (mmj for a terminal condition), and didn't really notice anything at the time either. After about the third time she realized that everything was slower and happier, and that she was thinking very deeply about everything, not just things that were interesting.

    After that, she can absolutely get a buzz every time. In fact, it's been overwhelming for her at times, and if it didn't help with her condition I'm quite sure she'd smoke a whole lot less, hehe.

    I've known plenty of people who got hammered the very first time, too. I don't know why it's that way for some people and not others, but I've never known anybody who failed to get hammered after a few tries.

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