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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by PottyMcSmoke, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. PottyMcSmoke

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    I have a special place where i like to keep everything associated with drug paraphanelia and the sort. A "hiding spot" so to speak, that conceals my stuff.

    I just thought i'd tack on a couple of pictures

    and see if you'll post some of your "weed box"

    the second one is the dictionary on a shelf with some lovely reading material surrounding it.

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  2. iliketosmokeweed

    iliketosmokeweed Registered

    Old video case for me , I usally have my gear lying about everywhere though , Im not too concerned about security !!
  3. Demon420

    Demon420 Registered+

    lol, very neat little storage! I have a small Wonder Bread container that I use, I modified it so that it says WonderBud, :D!
  4. Fabolous

    Fabolous Registered+

    Nice area, not many people do the book thing, (kinda old school) but i bet know one would guess that though...
    I use the same type of papers too :) 1 1/4 zig zag's
  5. growitandsmokeit

    growitandsmokeit Registered+

    I just keep mine on a table lol
  6. CoyoteGrass

    CoyoteGrass Registered+

    yea i use a book too and also jackets that r hanging in my closet.....i took the book called the odessey....i kno i destroyed a good book but what ever....i left like a hundred pages between the front and back and holllowed out the center......i can fit my glass pipe in it, a bat, an ounce of refer, papers, a lighter, visine, rez tool, and a mini can of ax.....i love the book method.....i also cut out a small section in the wall behind my bed and put a safe in it.....the piece fits back in and u cant notice it unless u look really hard......i put the safe key in a lock box piggy bank and put that key in a small round eater egg which is inside a box thats locked under my bed and the main key to unlock the lock thats holding it under my bed is in the head of a dancing bear plush thought id have sum fun but security isnt that much of a
  7. imagoober

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    i keep my bud and bong out on my dresser. no need to hide it but when i run out of weed i clean everything up and put it im my craftsman tool box, its great about 4 feet tall red, top and bottom box with locks, all im my room, i use it as a dresser and filing cabinet, i use to top as a table for an area to mess with my bud! works great and nobody else i know has ever had a tool box in there room. its bitchin!:D

    CoyoteGrass damn it must take more time to get to your bud and put it away than to smoke it, damn!

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