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Discussion in 'Europe' started by rid3r, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Hi, i'm new here so please bear with me!

    So, i've never been a smoker really, i've always preferred hi energy party drugs. But a few years back I got M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cannot indulge in these anymore, or even drink alcohol for that matter. Neighbours of mine smoke tons of weed and a few months back they came over with a little gift - a big of weed. I was sure to ask them that it definitely wasn't skunk (and here's were my knowledge becomes very thin) because in the past i'd smoked what I think was skunk which found to be too overwhelming - anxiety inducing etc. I smoked a little of what they brought over and was initially fine, so have continued to smoke here and there instead of drinking. I have a very low tolerance and really don't smoke that much, but the other week I smoked a whole joint to myself (shock horror!) but didn't mix it with tabbaco and whilst watching a film my mind just couldn't concentrate at all and instead of being a chilled experience was just short-circuiting every few seconds. I didn't like this at all. A friend of mine who used to smoke said I should try hash as it is much more mellow and you never really hallucinate or get these brain freezes. SO, my question to the forum are a few:
    1. Are these brain freeze type shortcircuitings normal? I mean I couldn't even hold a conversation with my girlfriend, every few seconds I forgot what i was talking this the standard experience of weed or am i just not suited to smoking this and should just stop asap? Or perhaps this is the standard and is why people smoke...
    2. Would skunk (i.e. white widow etc) be just much more intense and I should avoid these like the plague?
    3. Would hash ultimately be better for me (i think i smoked this in my teens and was ok), and if it would be better, lighter, more mellow, why is this? Is it lower THC content , or is it something else entirely?
    4. Also, and this is super important. I get seriously MOODY the following week after smoking. Say I smoke on a Friday, up until Thursday the following week I am in a bad mood, slightly depressed, irritable etc..Is this to do with the quality of weed i'm smoking or is a generic reaction from some people?

    p.s The weed I got was, I believe, cheap bog-standard weed from London. Probably nothing special. Not very moist, greeny brown colour...may this helps?!

    Maybe some of you can help me here :)
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    Is it not an excellent reason not to persist with smoking + mixing any further? Change your destiny while you still can! ;)

    Putting that in the balance upsets the whole situation enough to argue that cannabis provides a fair safety margin in comparison (when not "laced", obviously). Which means being able to genuinely trust the person(s) performing the grow and harvest is a true blessing, especially if raw cured dry flowers can lead to a more direct path avoiding intermediary transformation!


    The only other substance i'm familiar with was LSD (from the good old days) so i suppose i never really feared altered states; quite on the contray, i used to embrace it as long as that remained manageable. Then so many things come to change over time, like confidence levels today: YMMV...

    Certainly not my type of standard. I'd try paying attention to hints from dame Cannabis as she ain't too cooperative once abused!... If a user has anxiogenic fears and 3rd-party considerations (from the environment) are pourring in then it may even become preferable to delay until conditions feel appropriate again.

    Cannabis can result in atypical reactions apparently, for me it works more as a dynamic facilitator/amplifier for pre-existing cognitive potential than some consumer's product(s) which i believe to have been tailored for less creative attitudes perhaps. Lets keep in mind that bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists are running the show after all, so this transpires in numerous socio-toxic implications and even permanent prejudice when minors and prohibition are mixed together... Be extra careful if that's the prospect!


    One direct consequence of a hostile environment boils down to difficult access while adapted THC/CBD/CBD/Terpene/Flavonoïd selections would be most desirable healthwise. So, how about switching to vaporization anyway? Proceeding in temperature steps may open the door to alternate consumption methods working well enough not to imply being sacrificed on the hotel of those who are satisfied seeing us exposed to plain toxic combustion fumes from tobacco/nicotine/paper+glue assorted with T-Breaks that suggest having lost control/perspective along the path...

    M'well, i don't know about what assistance would best match your own present needs but i got some thoughts to share that can't hurt IMO. The one item i got on my mind reading your post was that cannabis has its applications and i don't see it as a direct substitute for the more agressive habits. Instead of being passively overwhelmed by stimuli i find that toking with proper measure has benefits to offer in a dynamic situation, like when my auditive field seems to unfold while enjoying music: a kind of active appreciation others might find equivalent to intensive work... Also, re-discovering aroma/taste felt enlightening all by itself when quality supply was available.

    Good day, have fun!! :D

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