smoking after vaping.. SERIOUSLY NOW...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by guerrillagrow, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. guerrillagrow

    guerrillagrow Registered

    i was screwing around last night after i had a nice bowl in the vape and i decided to smoke the cashed buds. well let me tell you somethin'.... I WAS TORN UP BAAAAAD (read: good)....

    can one of you old time stoners tell me what the hell happened?

    oh, and i'm doing it again tonight. and the next day too...
  2. Mcnizzlebery

    Mcnizzlebery Registered+

    Im not 100%, but im pretty sure thats called being high :Rasta:
  3. guerrillagrow

    guerrillagrow Registered

    no way. the "aftersmokins'" ,as i call them, were waaay more psychoactive than just outright smoking it. i have a pretty high tolerance and this was intense.

    try it and see.

    my theory is that the D9 comes out in the vape and D8, D11, cbn and cbd are more concentrated per hit in the aftersmokins'. it was a harsher smoke btw. feel free to try it yourself and help me figure it out.
  4. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    There are no psychoactive cannabinoids that have to be combusted. Only a couple need higher temps than about 410-420 F to vaporize. If smoking vaped remains gets you going, good for you, but most people report a very mild effect at best.
  5. Igotsoul4u

    Igotsoul4u Registered+

    I think you probably didn't vape as much out of your bud as you could of. I have smoked the vapor remains in times of severe drought and I had to smoke 2 whole joints to get anywhere and it was not even that great. it tastes like total crap and I stopped keeping it all together after smoking it for the 4th or 5th time. I would rather smoke nothing then that.
  6. Mcnizzlebery

    Mcnizzlebery Registered+

    Wish i could fella, but my volcano wont be here till christmas. I promise i will try when i get it. Make sure you test this a couple times to make sure it wasnt some sort of fluke. And if it works for you, thats all that counts right?
  7. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    smoking after vaping..SERIOUSLY NOW

    I recently read a thread and the person said; 'i give my used vape weed to my friends that can't afford any. It's better than street schwagg!' Meaning, in a pinch, it is o.k.!

    The person I vape with, rolls a new one and tosses the used vape!

    If it works for you, keep it up. Or increase you vape temp?? :jointsmile:
  8. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    yea, if you're using your vape correctly and efficiently, there should be very little left to smoke in your vaped bud. it should be very brown, and very brittle when you're done, easily crumbles.

    i think i tried smoking vaped buds ONCE after a vape session, just to test it out, and it didn't behave remotely like weed because all the natural properties of the bud had changed after heating, so it either didn't light well, or lit too much (i don't quite remember, i myself was lit :stoned: ) but i definitely do remember it being not worth it.

    if you want to get real fucked up, smoke a bowl of regular green buds, and then vaporize another small bowl. the combustion smoke will tear your lungs ever so slightly (as it always does) making your next immediate vapor smoke find it's way easier into your lungs, thus getting to your bloodstream quicker.

    it's probably psychological, but whenever i smoke a bowl, and then vape, i just feel like im floating :cool: cheers.
  9. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    I save all my duff these days and use it to make butter :thumbsup:
  10. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    Actually nothing is torn in your lungs when you smoke. You are irritating your lungs, and this is why you cough. Absorption occurs through the alveoli in your lungs which you've just coated with smoke/tar from smoking your bowl. This actually reduces absorption (because now there's a layer of smoke/tar on them).

    So nothing is getting into your bloodstream quicker. Besides absorption through the lungs is already the fastest method of absorption next to intravenous injection.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that smoking a bowl before hand doesn't amplify the vaporized weed. You just got high, and you vaped afterwards.. making you even higher, it's as simple as that. :thumbsup:

    You'd be even higher if you smoked more than 1 vaped bowl. I do it often.

  11. guerrillagrow

    guerrillagrow Registered

    sometimes i'll use it as a spaghetti topping. lol

    or just sprinkle a gram or so on some chinese food.
  12. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    huh, no shit? that's good to know. i thought for sure you were cutting your lungs up a bit. i guess it's one of those placaebo effects, mind over matter and stuff? Wha-ever let's just smoke massive amounts of bowls and vaporisers and just get blazzinnn:jointsmile:
  13. 5016169

    5016169 Registered+

    I usually flush it unless I'm really low, then I'll save it and mix it with fresh herb and smoke it (feels like I'm getting more for my $$). I once took 2 ounces of leftovers from the volcano and made butter for brownies. YUCK they tasted like crap and had no effects! Same for smoking the leftovers (plain).
  14. partcleguy

    partcleguy Registered+

    I'm betting this myth originated somewhat from cigarettes. It was found that some kinds of cigarettes (Marlboro reds and prob. others) contain fiberglass. That can tear up your lungs a little bit over time, though I don't actually know whether it would aid or hinder absorption...

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