smoking and facial aging

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by MedusaGrower, Feb 9, 2008.

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    We know cigerettes cause premature wrinkles. Does weed do the same? All the chemicals in the smoke such as carbon monoxide constrict your blood vessels and starve skin cells of oxygen. Since people usually dont consume as much weed as cig smokers consume tobacco, pound for pound, would that mean that weed smokers dont have to worry about it as much? Weed smoke seems to have way more tar and irritants so I'm wondering if that would mean it would have a stronger effect on skin aging. Since weed smoke is harsher on your throat and lungs does that mean the smoke is more harmful? I assume that cooking weed or vaporizing would eliminate the effect it has on aging. How much would would you have to smoke for this to even be an issue? I guess looking older than I have to is a big deal to me.
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    I think it probably depends on the person who's doing to smoking, MedusaGrower, more than the amount one has to smoke. It's true, most folks don't smoke more cannabis than cigarette smokers smoke cigs, but I suspect cannabis smoking ages folks more quickly even in lower amounts (just like cigs do) because it does what you said. It depletes oxygen, is desiccating, adds in the byproducts of combustion, which are the most detrimental ingredients in smoking cannabis and the ones that do the most damage (unlike cannabis or its active ingredients itself). This is, to me, yet another reason to vape because I've seen numerous links to information about the beneficial, anti-inflammatory, healing properties of THC and CBD.

    I knew two guys were seriously heavy cannabis smokers. They both looked like old leather purses by their mid 30s from that heavy smoke ingestion. It had also dried out and aged their vocal cords in their windpipes, too, because they had that cracking, aged-sounding vocal quality, too, and wheezing from the long-term lung irritation. They were super-heads, though. Not your casual social tokers. They weren't cigarette smokers, either. They might also have had bad genes for aging, as well. That's the factor that determines how someone bears up under environmental stresses more than anything, at least in my opinion. Genes and history of sun exposure.
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    Most folks tell me I look at least 10 years younger than my 60 years. Been toking for 40+ of them. Being happy slows aging! All I do in the way of "beauty care" is to rub some hand cream on my face when it feels dry. But yes, I do have those "smoker's wrinkles" around my mouth. But so does a teacher I know, who doesn't smoke anything, but she whistles tunes a lot! lol Otherwise, I'm in pretty good shape. - Granny:hippy:
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    so genetic predisposition would be a bigger factor than smoking?
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    I've always thought that Pot keeps you looking young. It definitely puts a youthful smile on my face.
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    I am 38, smoked daily for pert near twenty yrs, and I often get told I look ten yrs younger than I am. But I try to have a positive attitude and stay upbeat, maybe that helps with less wrinkles!
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    It all depends on the user. Stay in decent shape, it shouldn't do shit to your body. Physical fitness promotes brain health as well.

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