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  1. Charkie02

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    My baseball coach is a total dick. He's always trying to catch us drinking or smoking or doing something wrong. He's actually gotten spies to take pictures of people with beer cans in their hands and punished them for it. He's never caught me smoking before but says he knows i do it and i need to stop.

    And so one day he gives us a speech on why its wrong to smoke. Most of it was crap but one thing caught my ear. This is while were working out in the off season and he said that smoking weed will actually burn off muscle quicker than normal and make you weeker faster. I thought about it and since ive been smoking ive worked hard in the weight room and haven't gotten much stronger. I knew smoking lowered your metabolism but I never heard this before.

    Is my coach right?
  2. smartin.2006

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    I don't think so man, I smoked through all four years of high school athletics, and I noticed major improvements the whole time, now I hardly ever work out and I'm weak as hell. Just don't let it get your motivation down. If your not getting any stronger it might be the way you working out.
  3. Charkie02

    Charkie02 Registered+

    It just seems to make since because through the week I go up and after the weekend I seem to go down like two or three reps. maybe its just mental but it wasnt until he said it that i thought about it. And thats only for upper body. My legs keep getting stronger and stronger.
  4. smartin.2006

    smartin.2006 Registered+

    Honestly its all in your head, cuz if weed was bad for your muscle growth it would effect your whole body not just a certain area. You might already be doing this, but don't lift weights everyday, always skip a day.
  5. Born To Stone

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    Sounds like bullshit to me...look up medical studies if you are worried, but even though i haven't done it in a while, whenever i worked out when i was high i could feel the muscle working better if you know what i mean and could focus on the contraction more, but also i felt more lazy lol :jointsmile:
  6. Charkie02

    Charkie02 Registered+

    I dont think I would ever want to work out high, doesn't seem like it would be too fun.
  7. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    working out high is the greatest. It creates a nice hybrid cannabis/runners' high. Often you're capable of more stamina and the time goes by faster. After a while of doing it, your body expects to exercise right after blazing, and you get a real urge to do it, so it's easier to remember to do your workout. kind of like pavlov's dog
  8. Cali2

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    You should stop drinkin Alcohol, its way worse than weed. But watch fuckin with your lungs, after I smoke the next day I feel the constriction. Its probably not realistic but vape would be ideal.
  9. Charkie02

    Charkie02 Registered+

    What kind of working out are you talking about; running, bench, squats, sit-ups?
    I'm more of a mellow high person so I just dont see myself working out high.
    Seems like a buzz kill.
  10. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    i do an elliptical, pushups and situps, but I know others who do free weights after puffin. whatever's your fav. At one time, I couldn't see any value in exercising stoned, but I swear by it now. Why perpetuate the notion that pot makes you lazy? Once you get in the habit, your highs just get better. you have a more active mind while high. Your high doesn't get killed, it just changes into something more unique.
  11. happa

    happa Registered

    Hello, I've been lurking around here for a while but this is my first post.

    I find that smoking motivates me to work out because it makes it fun. I like to toke and then go for a good hard bike ride. It's sort of like an out-of-body experience where you feel no pain, the world is rushing past you, but everything slows down at the same time.
  12. r0k

    r0k Registered+

    Working out high is a bad idea (unless you want to sober up). THC is stored in fat cells, and when you work out, you burn fat cells. Thus, burning away your high :thumbsup:
  13. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    ive been smoking since 12 working out since 14 and i definitely havent lost muscle its been nothing but gain, i would tell him to fuck off :thumbsup:
  14. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    what is stored in the fat is a biproduct of thc. it is not anything that inebriates or makes you high. burning it away in no way effects the psychoactive thc that is otherwise in the body
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  15. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    There is some truth to it, but has very little to do with weed.

    When you consume things that speed your metabolism, you have to make sure you eat enough. Like let's say you lifted heavy weights for an hour straight. That's a lot of calorie burn, and you gotta replenish it, otherwise, you'll burn off muscle and a little fat.

    Make sure you eat enough after!
  16. Charkie02

    Charkie02 Registered+

    There could be some truth in that. I've had alot of problem gaining weight my whole life. Now I'm taking weight gainer shakes and eating protein bars after I work out but evidently its not enough, I've gained like 2 pounds. I guess I'll just step it up and drink two shakes a day and eat more protein bars.
  17. sam111

    sam111 Banned

    in my eyes weed relaxs the body and the mind after a long workout as for losing muscle no it dosent as long as you eat healthy and resonable portions which you do anyway when smoking bud. tabaco is the only down fall as for bud it is used by doctors and medical people in a blunt i think it will have positive affects on the body includeing muscles foer relaxation the main thing to muscle growth is rest and diet then training.
  18. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    I know all too well. No matter how much I eat, I end up gaining very little. It's all good right now, because my workout is more for gaining strength through flexibility

    But if you want to gain serious weight, you gotta eat some protein every 4 hours, and add some speed sessions to your routine, lifting pretty heavy weights. 3-4 reps at heavy weight you are comfortable with, you wanna try to aim for 80%-90% of your maximum 1 rep in proper form. Speed sessions are 8-10 sets, with rest time depending on how intense you want your work-out to be. You'll be massive if you can follow through with that, but it's tough to have protein every 4 hours!
  19. mushaboom

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    the bullshit stoners and anti cannabis people come up with... ill never understand. smoking cannabis will not make your muscles weaker or make it harder for you to get stronger. anything you put in your lungs that isnt supposed to be there is more than likely not going to be good for you. i will say that if youre hitting the bong multiple times a day it's going to affect your lung capacity. do some breathing excersises and some cardiovascular work outs to counter act it.
  20. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    ^yeah totally. since I exercise daily I never cough(even during smoking) and never have any phlegm and my lungs always feel light and clear. I don't think any sort of ill effects of moderate smoking take hold when your lungs are getting a workout all the time.

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