Smoking Hemp rope (don't laugh till you read)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Likes to build bongs, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Likes to build bongs

    Likes to build bongs Registered+

    Ok, I must be at my lowest of lows (haven't even seen a bud in over a month, much less smoked any) but I have allways wondered, can you smoke hemp rope. Well in reality, you can smoke anything that burns but my question is, is it safe, will I get a buzz, and if yes to the first two questions, what's the best way to smoke it. OK, now you can laugh, go ahead, laugh your ass off. I'm fucking desperate.
  2. jacquelyne

    jacquelyne Registered+

    i thought hemp was just the fibers u cant smoke it it will do nothing but make u feel sick and cough
  3. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    just suck dick i hear sperm gives you a buzz....mmm protine!
  4. Likes to build bongs

    Likes to build bongs Registered+

    Thanks! That's what I realy need to lift my spirits up! You know man it's fucking really sarcastic assholes that keep me coming to this wonderful website. Thanks. and yes I realize that I was just really sarcastic when I typed that. dumbass....
  5. Bel Acres

    Bel Acres Registered+

    You'll get a headache maybe.
  6. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    Hemp is made from the male plants. Therefore no THC, maybe other cannabinoids but they have not been physically proven to increase the 'high'. Althought there is suspicion that some of them do. Not to mention the rope would be dirty and considering the tightly wound fibres that rope is composed of. That would be very very harsh, thick, black smoke. You might get a slight buzz from the Oxygen deprivation and the Toxins from whatever is on the rope entering your bloodstream. You'de also wreck your lungs and kill many braincells. My advice is, don't do it. I'de suck back cough syrup before that. But personally I think you should wait until the herb comes around.
  7. ganja is my game

    ganja is my game Registered+

    hahahahahahahaha............ok sorry i had to no one else did. anyway i feel your pain man, except im starting to see some bud come my way finally. just hold on and you will get yours in the mean time i would search the carpet for any misplaced shake! lol sorry man i hope mary jane comes back to your town soon.
  8. Creeper

    Creeper Registered+

    Did ya scrape your pipe already? That usually saves my ass in times of need, but I havent had to scrape now for a couple of months since I finally got a fuckin job lol.
  9. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    dude where do u live i can try to see if my friend is stopping in ur state on his road trip.... free bud dude think about it
  10. Likes to build bongs

    Likes to build bongs Registered+

    Southeast Minnesota. Not going tosay what town on the the tred, but you can drop me an email at I think that's one of them, I have like seven different email addresses. If that one don't work, I'll give ya another one.
  11. Ammie

    Ammie Registered+

    lmfao!! yes koshea this is true :rolleyes:

    not that i would know :eek:

    gotta love a smart ass to spice this place up!!!... koshea u rock babe :D:D
  12. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    haha id respong but im to busy basking in my own glory to speak to you losers

    wow sarcastic and yes i know not funny

  13. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    EDIT TO ABOVE::::: ammie is god and i want to do her one day
  14. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    I smoked some hemp rope rolled up in college lined paper when I was 12 at a campout. I'm pretty sure it didnt do shit, but it gave me something to do for the night. We "baked" out our tent.

    Maybe you could sell it to the neigborhood kids for a few dollars so you can buy actual weed.
  15. Likes to build bongs

    Likes to build bongs Registered+

    Every time I look at this thread, I realize how sad it is....
  16. JFisher

    JFisher Registered

    Find an alternative, try green tea. Some people say that gives em a good buzz. Don't try the hemp though, all you'll get is a good waste of time and a headache to remind you of what a dunce you are.
  17. Edgar

    Edgar Registered+

    hemp rope is completely inactive... Its just the fibers, theres no THC or any other cannabinoids for that matter... Not to mention its just about the harshest material you could possibly smoke...

    So yeah go ahead and light it up 8)
  18. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    No, industrial hemp is made from plants which have been bred not to have THC. Ever smoke a male? There's still plenty of THC there, just not as much as with females.
  19. knuckles fearon

    knuckles fearon Registered+

    yea, in times of desperate need, scrape the gak off the insides of your pipe, or if you smoke outa a clear plastic bottle for long enuff, you can see all the gakky shit stick to the inside of it. fucks yeh up like but in the bad way as well as the good way
  20. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    hey he's not even going through minnesota dude sorry umm doesnt weed grow like a "weed" in some places in the midwest ... im pretty sure it does i think it was growing in my friends grandparents backyard

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