Smoking Herb With A Pacemaker

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by MadSativa, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Is somking herb with a pacemaker, ok or is it not good?
    Does it kill you or does it do something eles? Do any of you smoke with a pacemaker or do you know some one who smokes herb with a pacemaker?
    I know people that smoke cigarets and other shiyza but I was woundering if you can smoke herb with a pacemaker?

    -A pacemker is and artifical hart-
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    A pacemaker is not an artificial heart. It's a little implantable device that connects to the heart through electrodes and helps regulate the beating of the heart in people whose hearts beat too quickly or too slowly. There are also implantable cardioverter-defibrillators that help detect and then shock potentially deadly cardiac arrhythmias.

    Smoking with either of those devices is not ideal, according to my husband. Patients do it anyway, but it'd be better if they did not. Cannabis can be particularly irritating to cardiac arrhythmias and often alters cardio-electrical conduction. Any cardio-electrophysiologist worth his salt would advise patients with pacemakers or defibrillators to refrain from smoking anything, cigarettes or cannabis alike. (Still, they don't always follow that advice.)

    I have a cardiac arrhythmia for which an implantable defibrillator hasn't yet been invented. (They're working on a couple of them now.) That's a large part of why I'm a cannabis advocate but not a smoker; it really messes with my heart electricity in a bad way.
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    its not an artificial heart? I always thought their was little valves, and pistons in theri and they took out the old heart and trashed it. ......haha Thanks Birdy is their a artificial heart with vales and diaphrams and stuff?
    And People still smoke herb with em. Thats interesting
    Do any of you know people or do you smoke with em. Do they start to act wierd or do you feel wierd? I am doing reserch on the subject, and am finding some strange answers for my data.
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    My husband says the folks he treats who have pacemakers/defibrillators (sometimes they're a combination of both) who smoke cannabis have more electrical disturbances than those who don't--and they use up more battery power, too. He has to adjust those devices more frequently in his heavy-smoking patients.

    They do have artificial hearts, Mad Sativa! There are several type of them and one has been pretty successful, but they're not generally a permanent solution. There's one called the Berlin heart that has been successfully implanted for, I think, more than 3 years in one patient and there's a modified version of the Jarvik-7 heart that's having some success. Usually artificial hearts are just bridging devices to buy more time for patients who're waiting for transplants. They also have ventricular assist devices that are implantable and do part of the job for the ventricles. Unless I'm mistaken, folks with those devices normally have to stay in the hospital because, even with the surgically implanted ventricular assist devices and artificial hearts, they're still real sick and need close monitoring and, as soon as possible, transplants.

    Do a Google on "artificial heart" and you can read all about them. Pretty cool stuff!

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