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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by drakon, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. drakon

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    ok so i need a new way of upffing iv run outta ideas and nothing works aswell as it should so heres a list of methods iv tryed

    glass bowl, metal bowl, glass bong 10 sizes, any diff sizes of grav bongs (i made one with a water cooler bottle once and did it in the pool) joints and blunts of all diff types and sizes, triple chamber bongs, chillums, yaht bong hits, blades, gasmask worked but only for bout 10 mins, thats all i can think of right now

    iv you have any ideas id like to hear em
  2. i had fun hittin my bong, then exhaling the smoke into a ziploc bag. I then watched it look cool and breathed the bag smoke in just for kicks. I got REALLY stoned that night.
  3. IntrepidS

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    Smoke weed from a chicha pipe (hooka), that should fuck you up good.
  4. dazedfromthehaze

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    I don't know what you mean by "nothing works like it should" If your high when your done then it worked, if your not then you've got schwag or don't know how to smoke.
  5. ndhawk

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    Use hot knives if you're that desperate for innovation, or a magnifying glass or a vaporizer of some sort.

    Is smoking weed not enough for you? You have to come up with a method you've never thought up before that wont even get you as high as if you smoked normally?
  6. DrGonzo

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    a magnifying glass with a glass pipe makes for a fantastic hit, but you need to be out in the hot sun to make it work...and yes, it does work, I've been doing solar bowls for a couple weeks now. takes patience to get the focussed sunbeam in the right place, especially if you can't see where the bowl is.
  7. Supportradicalhabits

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    try a glass-on-glass bong with a diffuser...
  8. kyle

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    try solar puffing the dr said but u should smoke some oil or use ur coffe grinder and bust a few grams and then brush out the krystals and smoke that ontop of some good bud in ur pipe or bong
  9. bowlsnapper2012

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