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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by stoned88911, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    Ok so i toped my plants last night, soon as i did it i was asked for my leafs.

    I asked why and they said so they can smoke it, they say they have done it before and got them high.

    So has anyone smoked leafs, does it get u high?
  2. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    If there is lots of christals on it........sure.
  3. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Ask any old hippie!

    What you got in the 60s and 70s was basically everything but the roots! (And sometimes we did find roots in the kilos!) And we smoked it all! Seedless pot was rare!

    Now-a-days, you kids are spoiled rotten with your seedless buds! ;) And if your friend has not been toking much, his tolerance will be low, so he'll get a buzz even though it is immature and leaves. Smoking leaves is not great, but way better than being out! :smokin:

    Now, I make "flour" out of my leaves to put in my brownies. :D

    Granny :hippy:
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  4. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    Nice care to explain how u do that?
  5. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    Yes very rare. But it will get ya above the tree tops. :jointsmile:
    How is that flour made storm? :stoned::D:hippy:
  6. herektorman

    herektorman Registered

    How do you turn the leaves into flour? please explain, currently im just dumping them into the trash since i have way too much leaves
  7. anbesol

    anbesol Registered+

    why not just make bubble hash...and dont smoke your leaves. its a waste. especially if they are in veg state. ur just putting gunk in ur lungs.
  8. StickyfingahZ

    StickyfingahZ Registered+

    When I lived overseas in Tonga,we would smoke the leaves,kinda like cigarette's.
    We'd just half this bag of leaves that were cut up and we just rolled joints and smoked um,like big ol fatties.ButI remember gettinghigh as hell!
  9. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    for the record i did smoke the leaves, and it did get me high.

    just took alot more hits to get high
  10. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    I was on a 6 month break when I started growing. Once I put my plant into flowering, I would do some trimming around the bottom where the leaves were starting to discolor. I figured if they are not looking that good, why should the plant waste its energy on them. Anyways, I first cut off the stem part all the way up the middle of the leaves. Then I cut the leaves up into small pieces, and place them in the oven on 100 C, or 212 F, until they are crispy. I take them out and roll a joint.

    Every time I do this I am very surprised at how strong the effects are. The taste isn't that good, and it takes more hits than bud, but it does the trick for me... Especially since I haven't smoked for so long. I dont know about the health affects, but no problems for me so far...
  11. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Leaf flour........

    Dry the leaves until crispy. Dump into the blender. Blend on high. Sift out any "sticks". That simple!

    To use. Put the green flour into the smallest pan you have. (I have a "cute" 1 cup pan) Add as much oil as your brownie recipe calls for, or enough to make it like gravy. (Wash your hands!) Put the oil/leaf flour mix on the stove and stir it with your (clean) finger. Stir until it is too hot to keep your finger in there! Remove from heat and let sit until cool. Add to the brownie mix. To get the last bits of oil out of the small pan, take a spoonful of white flour and rub it around the pan. The oil and flour will make clumps that are easy to get out of the pan. Never waste cannabis! :thumbsup:

    So, I bet a few of you are wondering why I heat the green flour in the oil! First off, THC dissolves into oil and it's easier for the body to grab on to it if it's in the oil. :D

    Secondly, there is a chemical in pot called THCA or THC Acid, that will not get you high. Heating THCA changes it into good old THC! But too hot breaks down THC! Your finger is a crude temperature device to prevent overheating! :thumbsup:

    Have fun cooking!

    Granny :hippy:
  12. anubeazh

    anubeazh Registered

    leave smoke teates like shit!!

    recently in my area, we had the weed crisis so the weed that we bought (illegally) all of them came with 90-95% of leaves, sometime it was all leave. So we had to mix it with a lot of cigg then the teatse is acceptable. I had to take it 4-5 full bong hit straight in order to get a decent high but it would just make me high only 15-30 min then the hang-over feeling come to take place. So i had to take a hit (big hit) every 5-10 min for keeping the high. No stoney effect at all if you might asked.

    Desperate time requires desperate act.:(:(:(
  13. frostymcfailure

    frostymcfailure Registered+

    only a jackass wuld smoke leaves imo that is gross, root chewers. Might as well smash ur head against cast iron:thumbsup:
  14. Dondondon

    Dondondon Registered

    Can youu use the microwave? Lol
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  15. Plumber07

    Plumber07 Registered+

    Yes and no. It dries it quick but makes it taste bad and there's not enough THC in vegging leaves to get ya high. Throw leaves and tops into the soil. Now flower leaves all crystalline are okay to smoke but they're better used in making oil or butter. Stick with smoking bud.
  16. Pupp

    Pupp Registered+

    OMG, a zombie thread brought back from the dead. Seriously, I wish people would start a new thread rather than asking a question on a 10 year old thread.
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  17. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    JMHO but some wisdom deserves reincarnation.
    When I find old, but useful threads, I bump them.
    Saves a shitload of typing. :)
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  18. Plumber07

    Plumber07 Registered+

    Newbies, I was one once upon a time. Oh wait, still am. Kinda fun for us newbies to rumble around the grave yards for nuggets. That's kinda how I found this site. Cool site and people, even some of us newbies ;)
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  19. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    Aaaah, the good old days. Back in the 70s we would have periods where the good stuff would dry up that usually came through Texas and we would get desperate. We usually ended up in a slummy part of town we called “Little Cambodia” where we could usually find seven finger lids for around $30-$40 bucks. Usually nothing but leaves and stems. Ugh.
    Or we would find some moldy Mexican weed with hundreds of seeds as stems and very little bud. The weed you see today is stunning. And no seeds? Have I died and gone to heaven?
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  20. Plumber07

    Plumber07 Registered+

    I use to dare to dream of days like today. Still have to pinch myself every time I visit a dispensary. Surreal.

    And how many times I've poo pooed flowers I would have given my left nut for several decades ago. Almost the Twilight Zone.

    Ain't it GREAT?

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