Smoking marijuana and seizure like symptoms...

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    Me and my friend have been smoking together for 5 years or so now, and about three times he's had these weird things happen.. First two times he has fallen down and goes into a seizure like mode for like 30 seconds.. The last time he was holding himself up and only lasted for a few seconds but his head was twitching a bit and the only way I can really describe it is seizure like.. Anyone know anything about this?
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    i've never heard of this happening, but since i myself have epilepsy, i feel i must pose some questions. what is this "seizure-like mode" you mention? is it like loss of consciousness with shakes/tremors, or is it more like just a vapid stare, with him responding to nothing? either way, seizures are caused (simply put) by too much electrical activity in the brain. worst case scenario, these are pre-ictal (pre-seizure) symptoms. please, advise your friend to get an MRI and/or a sleep-deprived EEG.
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    I have a friend who that happens to every once in awhile. He would take a big rip and just go down into seizure mode. Craziest shit I ever seen man.

    Maybe like a lack of oxygen to the brain or something.
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    Smoking Marijuana and Seizure Like Symptoms

    Yes I have experienced something similar but it is not a seizure. I have had Petit Mal and Grand Mal seizures due to an abnormal brainwave pattern that is epileptic like but not epilepsy. In fact my last EEG came back normal, at age 50, after suffering with this since I was 12, and I was told that would never happen! I attribute the restoring of my brainwave pattern back to normal as a direct result of smoking marijuana on a reguar basis for over 25 years :smokin:. As far as what your friend is experiencing I can't say for sure but what happens to me, especially if it is heavy headed pot, is I feel like I have several rapid "brain shorts/or blanks." They happen so fast there is no memory loss or unconscience state, but I feel like my brain is shorting out, my head bobs/jerks back a bit while my vision seems to have blackouts coinciding with the head jerks but I have never fallen or lost conscience. This all happens in less than 5 or 10 seconds and goes away leaving no bad side effects. But I do not believe that is a seizure, at least not a Petit or Grand Mal seizure that I can tell you from experience. I have had EEG's while sober and while under the influence of marijuana. The EEG's taken while high resulted in shorter "spikes" and smaller "Electrical Bursts or Storms" which is what causes a seizure, generally speaking of course. I have chronic nausea and vomiting from Gastroparesis (Paralyzed Stomach,) I have been on Marinol for years because I live in a Nazi state/non medical marijuana. I can tell you not only am I convinced that the long term effect of smoking marijuana "normalized" my brainwave pattern but it also gives immediate relief from chronic or acute nausea and stimulates the appetite with the worst side effect being a very plesant euphoria that is...well it's just great. Good luck to you and you friend. If you are smoking schwag it might be from pesticides or mold. I think you might have better luck with real medical marijuana if you can get it. Peace...:smokin::rastabong::thumbsup:
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    You should see a Doctor.Just to be sure theres nothing serious wrong.Be Safe.
  6. ridethevibe

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    i am a regular smoker. i mean all day everyday just about.

    i have passed out/siezed from weed at least thirty times in my life.

    from their perspective it is similar to what everyone else says. i take a hit. i get a blank look on my face, i start to shake and fall.

    to me it happens like this. i take a hit. im holding it in, (sometimes breathing out). a euphoria hits me, not like weed, more like heroin. my vision starts to spin and blur, imagine a tye die spinner. i start to loose sense of balance. i can not figure out which way is up or which way is down. it gets to the point where i cant figure out which way to shift my wieght and it feels like im falling from earth. i start to conciously try to hold up my weight and it feels feels like... im glitching. i can feel myself jerking between holding myself up and falling.
    then i have dreams. they are like day dreams. i see images flash before me. they are quick, very quick, and are accompanied by the emotion those pictures evoke. ex one time i saw the beach and i felt at peace. they are very similar to day dreams and i cannot remember them much except for the intense emotions they are filled with.

    like i said before this has happened to me way too many times and for a long time it freaked me the hell out.

    it seems to happen when i smoke really good weed. purple dank has been a recurring factor in many of them. also it tends to happen after a big hit from a bong.
    ex: i packed a brimmer in my little binger. and its overflowing with the dankest purple sour diesel ive had in a while. "watch me snap this". mission accomplished, i hold it in... ...everyone shouting, water all over my face and hair. i had passed out. fallen backwards tipping the bong directly into my face.

    ive gotten a handle on it as i feel the warning signs now. when i start to get a little light headed i start taking deep breathes. even if my lungs are filled with smoke i will inhale tiny amounts of oxygen to counter.

    Analysis- it seems that the lack of oxygen is the main factor. however i have never seen this or heard about it from anyone but me. take deep breathes after smoking and you shouldnt pass out.
    however no one has mentioned the person affected. what kind of person are they?
    i am fairly wierd even if i can fit in. i am an addict of that there is no question. i have a history of depression and fits of mania. i black out from alcohol easily. i am tall skinny, athletic and i often and plentifull. i am usually wound up,... and so taken a liking to anti anxiety pills and pain killers. however these events are not linked. im trying to see if there is a specific personality that suffers from this.

    comments, questions?
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  7. seattlesmoke247

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    cool man good to hear that things are chill, yea we're not smoking schwag it's always pretty good, we've been blessed for the past month or two with a lot of different types of really good bud.

    yeah dude it happens most often out of the bong, one time my buddy was hitting our 5 footer (don't have it anymore) and fell on the ground in the woods. it's probally happened to him like 10 times in his life.. never myself from smoking bud although i do get lightheadedness which i believe is a lesser form of it.

    Yeah somewhat similar personalities we smoke constantly and definatly both have addicted personalties.. only smoke bud nowadays and occasional drinking but it took a long time to get it under control.. i think it could also have to do with like you said, lack of oxygen.. perhaps from the smoke AND maybe another issue overlapping causes this. (really i have no idea lol) Peace guys. :Rasta:
  8. BigLeagueJew

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    At first I thought maybe it was the weed as some others who posted thought. Now thinking about it, since you also smoked it, it probably was not the weed. The only thing similar I know of was a friend who collapsed once from smoking. He went to the doctor and figured out he had a heart problem.
  9. MadSativa

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    sounds serious, maybe its time to see a doctor over this
  10. ridethevibe

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    yeah i think im going to see a doctor. ill tell him exactly what happened and how its very rare. he probbably wont do anything but i have insurance it couldnt hurt.

    anyways...good to see you got your stuff together seattlesmoke. best of luck
  11. dthizz

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    I am average height and very skinny. I smoked nearly everyday for the past two years and ive gotten what i believe was two seizures. ive never feinted or had a seizure when sober. I black out all the time when im drunk. I'm a lightweight, a 1/3 of a fifth will get me really fucked up.

    experience 1: occured ~10 minutes post-smoking
    In a loud crowded resturant that was really humid. it was hard to breathe and i started getting dizzy and lightheaded, seeing stars. passed out and i guess i had a seizure where i was on the ground and was staring straight up at my friend i was with. im not sure if i was twitching or not. I was unbelievable high. Highest i'd been up to that ppoint, obviously.

    experience 2: occured ~20 minutes post smoking
    I was smoking in a hottub and was in it for a good 40 minutes. Stood up really fast and it was really cold. Headrush, passed out on the tile. Same symptoms.

    In BOTH situations i was fine after i got some air and some water. i remember being VERY thirsty b4 i passed out in exp1, and hottubs dehydrate you, ala exp2.

    I'm no physician, but i think its just because i'm a skinny kid who when gets really really really high, my blood starts beating way to fast and theres just so much mental intake (sights sounds etc). I remember having trouble breathing as well.

    The fact that it happens after 10-20 minutes, equates to the fact that the experiences occured at the peak of my high. i was just bugging out b/c i was too high.

    When i get high alot of the times my legs get restless and shake or whatever. Its just because i get really wired when i smoke. I always try to have water near me and be in a place where i can easily get air whether its rolling down a window or steppign outside.

    no big deal...

    ..i hope :)
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  12. MPLSweedman

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    ive never seen people have seizures i have seen people faint though. if i saw someone have a seizure after smoking my first instinct would be to laugh my ass off, i KNOW they arent going to die and it is probably scary for them but i would be laughing at something like that because i'd be so high
  13. KyleIsNorml

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    Yeah that sounds like what happened to my cousin. (I'll try not to make it a story ;)) So my cousin had taken a hit from the bong, and it was a huge hit anyways after about 10 minutes he started crying and for what reason we still to this day have no clue, then he eventually laid down and passed out. I thought everything was good until he woke up but he really wasn't awake, it was more like asleep but your still kinda there. He started twitching really really bad oh and to mention he start throwing up everytime he'd wake up from the deep short sleeps that he was in. Anything on that one?? Bong hit, crying, trippin out hard, passed out/still awake, twitching constantly and throwing up?? It was over two years ago and I still can't come to mind about it..

    If anyone "Thinks" they know please do spread your thoughts I'd like to figure it out (Oh and this has only happened once out of the 4 years we've been smokin together.)
  14. Coelho

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    WHOOOOOAAAAA.......... and its a very very very pleasurable thing, isnt it? I know exactly what youre talking about, but i think i could never had put it in into words like you did...

    And Im pretty sure its caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. I have low blood pressure, and if im resting for a long time and suddenly stand up, i feel like this, with more or less intensity. Sometimes i do it purposely, and even stretch myself after standing up, which greatly increases its effects... (once i even fainted when i did this...)

    For me, its the ultimate trip. Pity it lasts so short...
  15. grownd

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    i feel same in Va

    I can't believe that someone feels the same way I do. It just isn't the same with marinol it effects me in a multitude of ways if takin with any other substance but med ganga. Very hard cosidering I can't find a job and the family wife and child are suffering for it. I just want help from anywhere and am willing to do anything it takes please help. Epileptic christian man an need! Love you all and god bless.
  16. stinkybudz

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    And i thought i was the only one! coelho the more i read your posts, the more i realized your my brother from another mother from another nation! :thumbsup:
  17. flyytee

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    maybe his blood sugar is low
    he should eat sweets b4 he smokes and se if it happens again
  18. epilepticme

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    This is just my opinion based on speaking with 5 or 6 neurologists about cannabis use and epilepsy, my personal experience with epilepsy and many hours of research on the aforementioned subject.

    If you have seizures you have epilepsy, seizure types, causes and triggers are very much an individual thing. There are very few if any cases of cannabis use causing seizures. Sometimes coming down from being drunk or high can lower your seizure threshold however, but moderation of use in therapeutic levels of cannabis lessen this effect. More than likely if he indeed did seize it was caused by something else and it was a coincidence that he was using cannabis at the time. Some studies indicate that using cannabis actually prevents damage to the brain during seizure episodes. Other studies indicate that therapeutic use of cannabis can even lower the likely hood of seizing at all.
    It has been my experience that cannabis lessens the severity of my seizures and I recover faster (a few hours as opposed to a day or more). I also tolerate the pharmaceutical anti-epileptics side effects more easily while using cannabis.

    My suggestion for ANYONE suffering any seizure like activity, anything even remotely similar to a seizure is to seek immediate medical attention! Do not worry if you have taken an illegal substance. Doctors are there for your health and safety not to call the cops for drug use.

    A friend died several days ago from epilepsy and heart problems. Uncontrolled epilepsy can kill you :(
  19. epilepticme

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    In addendum:
    I have noticed that being very high on cannabis can lower my seizure threshold during certain activities such as fireworks, phish concerts and flash photography. I think these things are naturally triggers for my epilepsy and obviously weed tends to enhance the senses somewhat :) Still in the case the cannabis is not the cause of the seizure, the epilepsy itself is.
  20. scandinavian

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    epileptic me

    sounds like you have photosensitive epilepsy wich react on very low frequenzies if fireworks can trigger it.. :S

    my personal frequenz is Tekken1 on a playstation1 and the spectre is pretty small cause tekken is the only trigger i´ve had.
    But anyway, yes, cannabis DO enhance the triggereffect but for me too, but the seizure comes much more slow so i get a warning if i experience one tough its allmost 8 years ago since i had my last(been smoking for 7½..).

    im not on any sort of medicine, i slam bong on a daily basis..
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