Smoking marijuana and seizure like symptoms...

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    nitenurse, did you say he was smoking "legal"weed? is there anything else, bathsalts at all? that legal weed is dangerous, the synthetic form of thc they add to it is garage cooked. that has to go first of all. the kind of siezure you describe sounds a lot like the result of "powerhitting". thats when you take a huge hit and hold it in while crouching and someone else either squeezes your chest or even worse they will put pressure on the arteries in your neck as you stand as fast as possible leaving you twitching on the ground.. its intense and can be scary to watch. those are some things you might want to see if hes in to. it could be something else clearly, i myself am prone to headrushes if i stand too fast when i smoke i think most tall people can be. either way, id suggest if he has to smoke something stick to weed but on the condition that you get him looked at, maybe a mri or ct scan. he may just have a sensitivity to thc hopefully but the only way to be sure is for to get checked out and stay away from everything but herb. and if he does have an issue with thc there may be a way around it or he may just have to give it up.
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    I have had very similar experiences with thc

    In fact, I dont even touch the stuff anymore cause when i do, just one (not even comparably big compared to everyone else I've seen smoke) hit, I become paralyzed almost with non stop vomiting for Hours. I begin hallucinating
    Since i can't keep my eyes open I see vivid colorful pink and purple flower patterns swirling in my mind. it's combined with these non stop movies, dreams of the most messed up shit, like about the earth and government and something in my mind telling me I should just kill myself because there is not point in living. It's like 6 hours of torture that becomes so intense I eventually black out. I just lie there unable to move or think covered in vomit, glitching cause i feel the blood in my body circulating.

    I don't know why I become like this, last time for two days after I thought I was going to become schizophrenic or something it was so bad.
    I get my tolerance is low but everyone around me says with the little amount I take in those effects are not normal.

    I am very introverted, left handed and footed. Idk why but I feel like this somehow is connected to why thc is like poison in my brain.
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    This actually happened to me today. We were standing outside smoking. I've been smoking ever since I was 13 and I've never smelt any type of weed like this. Someone actually told me it might be laced in embalming fluid. Anyways. Everything was going fine. I was standing up smoking a cigarette, then all of a sudden I started getting light headed and I saw stars. I fell over onto gravel with my right arm behind me, and I got a few cuts on my arm from it. I could hear my friends talking over me asking if I was okay, but I couldn't see them. All I could see was white, and I could feel my body twitching. It probably lasted maybe 30 seconds to a minute, and when I finally snapped out of it my boyfriend picked me up and took me into his house. That was the first time that has ever happened to me in my 5 years of smoking marijuana, and it kind of has me worried.
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    Never experienced this on pot, but I have experienced Dystonic Reactions due to other chemicals (it can look like a sort of seizure sometimes) that affect the brain (prescription medication). It could be a Dystonic Reaction, but he should go to the hospital and get checked out (with me, they treated it by injecting me with Benadryl).

    EDIT: Actually, if only his head is twitching the second time, it may very well be Dystonic (that's exactly what happens to me). They are brought on by anxiety sometimes, and if you are kind of paranoid on pot, that might be causing it.
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    If it was laced with embalming fluid, that could have caused it. It probably wasn't straight pot.
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    nval, you'll be very happy to know that you can't become Schizophrenic. You either are, or you aren't. I was misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia for three years, because I was having hypnagogic hallucinations (normal hallucinations occurring on the threshold of sleep, not indicating actual psychosis). Those effects are entirely artificial. You do sound like you have an abnormal brain chemistry (maybe overactive cannibinoid receptors), but if you feel fine away from pot, you should be OK.
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    Hey that happens to me. ...all of a sudden I fall out I have a black out where im driving or doing normal things even taking to ppl but u won't remember at all
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    I know this thread is very out dated but thought it may benefit those who suffer from that and stumble across this forum. I too experience this, depending on what type of bud/how I smoke, it can literally occur every hit I take. Guessing I am worse off than others sadly. What I have found that helps prevent the onset almost 100% of the time is to exhale the smoke quickly then breathe in and out (remain calm and take steady breaths) DEEP breaths, try and force yourself to do this even if you begin to black out, focus on breathing. I believe its lack of oxygen causing this, amount other things of course. It also helps to have a decent amount of oxygen in your lungs before you smoke if you are susceptible to these occurrences.

    Also found an article I think may pertain to what we are discussing.
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    This is really interesting. It's happened to me once in the 4 and half years of smoking. So i was smoking a couple joints with my brother then I was getting the usual high from the marijuana.I felt good then all of a sudden I felt thirsty then I felt weak then my vision was blurry then I heard a loud ring in my ear. It was intense as fuck like if I was on some serious drugs. Then I passed out for like 30 seconds to a minute then woke up sweating like a motherfucker when I woke up I low key felt like I was still trippen then I realized I was dehydrated. I think dehydration has some part with passing out. For me I didn't drink much water they day before and no water the day it happened. The weird thing is that I woke up and half my high was gone Lmfao. I felt like I was cold and hot. It felt like a rush that never ended and then finally ended in a sudden stop.

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