Smoking Marijuana in Public?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by street312punk, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. street312punk

    street312punk Registered+

    I was wondering if i was walking somewhere and i wanted to smoke weed but without the smell, kind of a vaporizer but smaller. I can put the weed in a cigarette or a small pipe but i would smell. Is there anyway that i can smoke pot without the smell?

    LUDACRIS Registered+

    No it stinks when smoking and you can smell it strongly from people who have just smoked or from thier clothing or breath.
  3. street312punk

    street312punk Registered+

    Thanks, But what about pot Cookies?
  4. johard59

    johard59 Registered+

    I think pot cookies is another story. Having pot cookies is different from smoking or lighting up your stuff in public.
    Having pot cookies would not make that small at all. That would be your way in getting the stuff in public! Good luck on your quest man!
  5. bubbleboy

    bubbleboy Registered+

    smoking marijuana DOESNOT harm people, especially outside. Come on.

    Get yourself a sneak a toke. I have done this for years and it works if you know how to use it without exhaling smoke.

    Take little tiny hits, leaving enough room to inhale more straight oxygen two more times while holding your hit in. Once you hold it in for close to a minute, you exhale no smoke and therefore no smell. Breath stinks, and hard on your lungs when you hold it in like that. But works.

    I have done this in peoples houses, and bathrooms of businesses. :smokin:
  6. Slevinkal

    Slevinkal Registered+

    Thats risky bro.

    You should think it through better. Most peeps wont say anything if it's a very light smell but they will still notice it and still remember it.

    I'm not saying DONT DO IT. Im just saying think more.

    We dont smell the smoke near as much as non-smokers do, think about cigs, a smoker finishes a cig then forgets all about the smell and doesnt even smell it on themselves mostly, but others smell it clear as day. Same thing when lighting up, the smell wont bother a smoker (cig or can) but to other none smokers the smell could be overpowering.

    You say no smoke = no smell but if you're igniting cannabis you're producing smoke and not matter how small the amount of smoke it still smells, maybe not enough for a can con to smell but damn sure enough for a non smoking narc to smell. Just be carefull...

    All that being said, there is a local park that me and the misses smoke at on a regular basis, we just make sure we're downwind of anywhere someone is or may pop up...

    happy smoking :D
  7. iSmoke31307

    iSmoke31307 Registered+

    Take a look at the Vapoe Genie. It is a portable pipe vaporizer. There is also the Iolite. It is bigger, but you can put it in a to go cup and put the tip through the straw hole.
  8. SmokeNRun

    SmokeNRun Registered+

    I saw that one kid say that he puts his small portable vape in a big mc donalds or taco bell cup then puts stuffing around it so it doesn't really move around. The vape is the best for little to almost no smell. Then the portable vape has a straw looking thing and thats how you hit it. So you just make it look like your drinking soda.
  9. Matt311

    Matt311 Registered

    Dude, that's brutal on the lungs, but I can vouch that it works if you can pull it off.
  10. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    My guess is you are smoking in public because you want people to notice you. Otherwise why smoke in public in the first place?? If you happen to be walking and want to toke, im sure you can find plenty of HIDING SPOTS. :)
  11. tanim_

    tanim_ Registered

    This is never transparent that you smoke marijuana in the public places because it must smell. For this non-smoker may have problem they cannot endure it's smell. moreover, it may pollute environment.
  12. herbaltivo

    herbaltivo Registered+

    iolite vaporizer in a cup. easy peasy. no smell.

    too bad it won't work up here at 9000ft...
  13. kayakush

    kayakush Registered+

    renew......i used to not worry about it, and still do at times. i love to smoke outside, be it around people or away from people. i have a many times at college, out and and about, and 420 gatherings it was like come and smoke on the common. concerts where like not an issue. the woods, or river or york city is not an issue for me. san franciscico, no worries. india no worries. africa, no i hate the man
  14. ogganjagrower

    ogganjagrower Registered+

    the 420 rally in denver is the spot to be. its so awesome seeing the humongous clouds of smoke and watching the cops wearing gas masks and not being able to do shit about it!! classic.
  15. DoomedforEternity

    DoomedforEternity Registered+

    Hash oil

    I heard you can get hash oil, drop it onto the paper of a cigarette (or roll it on), then you smoke it when it's dry. If you've ever had hash oil, you'll know it can give you a real buzz. And I heard that doing it this way there is no smell whatsoever, but I've never tried it myself.
    And if you don't like cigarettes I guess you can make brownies, or popcorn with "special" garlic butter (that's good stuff!). The only downside to doing that is you use a lot of weed and don't get much out of it.

    Have fun!! ^^
  16. Cannabis latinlover

    Cannabis latinlover Registered+

    Hey dude, its very easy. Just make some cookies and nobody will smell the pot. If that really is what you are worried.
  17. nascarmike

    nascarmike Registered+

    I made cookies when I had to go to Fl. Walked them right past TSA got medicated as fuck waiting for my plane.
  18. SmokenTokeOne

    SmokenTokeOne Registered+

    I agree with the cookies idea, I always did brownies. There is one big problem with this method, though.

    What do you do when a whiny kid comes running up and wants a cookie or brownie? Do you look like the bad guy and tell him to get lost? Do you give him a cookie? Don't tell me this won't happen, because I watched as a buddy dealt with the issue at a tailgate party last fall. The kid's dad was pissed because this family friend would not give his kid a brownie. A short talk off to the side of the group solved the issue, with one more brownie disappearing with the dad.

    Cookies are not so noticeable to other adults, but they are kid magnets.
  19. tlranger

    tlranger Registered+

    Had to set with a younger one, early one morning on the mountain. Seems his mama had left a half eaten brownie on the countertop and he thought it looked like a good breakfast. Everyone else except he and I where late risers. We had a good talk about a lot of things, kids say the darndest things.
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  20. MikeChapman22

    MikeChapman22 Registered+

    If you have to smoke indoors you can turn the shower on hot and steam up the bathroom and then smoke. By time you shower after you smoke the smell will be gone.

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