smoking Marijuana out of a hookah

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by billdt07, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. billdt07

    billdt07 Registered

    I have a small hookah that i want to smoke pot out of, is this a good idea? what is the best method?
  2. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    :pimp: Yeah it works not my first choice of tokin dough
  3. Awill3449

    Awill3449 Registered+

    It's good. Just layer it in the tobacco and it basically slow roasts. People will try to tell you it sucks, but it doesn't. A few friends and I put about 1 gram in a hookah in the nargilla and smoked a few coals on it. We were all very baked by the end of the nargilla. It might be wasteful, but it basically slow roasts your nugget.
  4. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    yeah its good to do, but if you want to conserve bud, i dont sugest it
  5. billdt07

    billdt07 Registered

    Is it a really good high? or should i just rip my bong?
  6. originalblu

    originalblu Registered+

    smoke cronic and shisha at the same time
  7. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    The hookah high is definatly different from a bong, especially if you add shisha to it. If it's your first time smoking I would just hit a bong but it you've done it before I would say definatly try it out of the hookah.
  8. LaidZeppelin

    LaidZeppelin Registered+

    that used to be the only way i smoked. me and two other ffriends would sit on my floor and pass the hose around.. i think it creates a better smoking experience, you get the great taste of tobacco and the great high of weed...i dont think its a waste of weed i would sprinkle a little over a bowls worth and all 3 of us would be ripped. the tobacco gives you a buzz too and your taking in the weed more slowly so its a much more mellow experience than taking a few bong hits and just staying glued to a couch. Personally i think its the best way to smoke however my hookah is a pain in the ass to clean and i never wanna do it when im stoned so i use it less now.
  9. BigHyphyD

    BigHyphyD Registered+


    I remember hitting the hookah as hard as I could like I would a blunt and after a few rips getting that gross-ass upset stomach feeling when you smoke A LOT of hookah.

    And then I got nauseaus. In my opionion, not a fun high at all. Makes me just want to pass out even more so than just regular weed.
  10. LaidZeppelin

    LaidZeppelin Registered+

    yeah but we would split one bowl between 3 peeps so it was good....i know that felling though if you hit to much your face pretty much will have a look of disgust for a good hour.

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