Smoking Pot after Wisdom Teeth removal

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Nugget Lover, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Nugget Lover

    Nugget Lover Registered+

    I am getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning and I heard from someone that you weren't supposed to smoke the same day after surgery. Has anyone else heard this or experienced this?
  2. GotWake88

    GotWake88 Registered+

    I wouldn't to be safe. Though it might help with pain, it may also temporarily thin your blood, which may be bad after surgery. But I'm not a doctor. Ask the dentist/a doctor.
  3. kiwi

    kiwi Registered+

    yes its true

    ;) You really shouldn't smoke cannabis or cigs after have teeth removed because it stops the blood from clotting in your gums and can cause an infection.:thumbsup:
  4. Bob the Awesome

    Bob the Awesome Registered+

    They told me not to smoke afterwards, but obviously they were referring to tobacco. Although, again obviously, similar risks apply to weed.

    I had it done a Friday morning, that Saturday night (the whole town was out because of homecoming or other things) I got drunk, took a vicodin, and walked around my neighboorhood smoking a joint at 10 at night.

    Smartest thing to do? No, but I smoked a few times in the following week and it didn't seem to have any negative effects, if you do plan on doing it don't overdo it.
  5. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    kiwi said it!
    if you can't smoke,you can always make tea. its easy and there's a recipe on somewhere....

    oh, and have fun with those painkillers youll be getting!
  6. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    A lot of the problem is when you inhale, you create suction in the mouth, and this pressure will disrupt the scabbing/healing process. You can have a "blow out". When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I blew my nose and started bleeding from one of the sockets. Its crazy how everything is all connected in there, pressure transfers all over the place (sinuses/throat/ears etc etc).
  7. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    wait a day then use a bong and take light hits... don't smoke out of a joint or blunt.
  8. Nugget Lover

    Nugget Lover Registered+

    On a side note what pain killers do I get and how many? lol
  9. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Pot and healing those empty sockets...

    First off, the suction can be bad for the healing process...this goes for tobacco and cannabis alike. Secondly, cannabis dries the mouth which is a bad thing when you are healing. It concentrates the bacteria that every mouth has. I had most of my teeth pulled a few years ago, and yes, I smoked as soon as I got home from the dentist. I also kept my mouth moist by lots of drinking liquids (mostly water). Roll your joints looser than normal so you won't need as much suction and drink liquids! Everything healed up just fine. - Granny:hippy:
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  10. JohhnyPotSmoker

    JohhnyPotSmoker Registered+

    yeah dude i got my teeth removed over summer it fucks up the stitches if you smoke i smoked 3 days after i got it removed and it was fine but it just took longer for the stitches to go away,
  11. napolitana869

    napolitana869 Registered+

    I got mine out on monday and I waited 3 days to smoke, but I'm still trying to pull pretty lightly.
  12. dr.resin

    dr.resin Registered

    It's best to wait about a week, smoking can cause "dry sockets" and affect healing, if you have to smoke inhale through your noise only, I used a bong with a straw when I had all teeth pulled 8 months ago, I heard dry sockets are the worst pain related to pulling teeth and was not willing to risk it, besides if you get good pain meds you won't need/want it.
  13. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    i got codeine and just took it as prescribed because my mouth was sore.
  14. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    I know this is too late for this thread, but for future reference, if you are going to use cannabis after tooth extractions, please eat it - don't smoke it. You can get a dry socket, and those suck. They are painful and take forever to heal. The drug itself won't hurt your recovery (usually) - it's more the action of sucking smoke down and the irritants in the smoke itself that can hurt your extraction site.
  15. 420marijuana420

    420marijuana420 Registered+

    Edit: It is way too late now but for anyone else I would lay off to be safe, it's just one day.
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  16. houdini654

    houdini654 Registered

    is it bad to smoke weed and take a vicodin for back pain simultaneously?
  17. bobbygreenbear

    bobbygreenbear Registered+

    when i had my wisdom teeth removed i got the most unbelievable lecture of my life from the nurse, and also the doc. if my wife hadn't been there to confirm it actually happened, i'd think i dreamed it.

    went something like this:

    "these are the dangers of this procedure: you can die, you can bleed out and die, you can get a DRY SOCKET, and let me tell you honey, i've given birth, and i'd rather GIVE BIRTH WITHOUT ANESTHETIC IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR than get a DRY SOCKET (those were here EXACT words), so don't smoke, don't mess with it..............."

    then doc comes in

    "ok, so we're gonna take your wisdom teeth out"

    me: "yup"

    doc: well do you want to be sedated ?

    me: well, you know the procedure, whatever you usually do

    doc: well, what do YOU want me to do?

    me: you want me to tell you what to do?

    doc: well?

    me: uhh............just knock me out and don't fuck up, please

    needless to say i wasn't terribly comforted when i was getting gassed on the table.............sheesh, thanks for the you-can't-sue-us-now death talk from the friendly ortho-people. when i picked up my prescrip after the operation the person told me the doc i saw did 100's of these op's a weak and made a fortune off it. it's practically all he did. just an assembly-line of big-billing fast and quick wisdom teeth pulls


    true store ;) good luck! :)
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  18. Little Boy

    Little Boy Registered+

    not at all!
  19. zeebo phillips

    zeebo phillips Registered+

    I sure did when I got my wisdom teeth removed...:thumbsup:
  20. sammer

    sammer Registered+

    I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. i woke up after the surgery i felt really sick and i threw up in the parking lot, but since my stomach was empty it was just a bloody mess dripping from my face. Then when i went home i fell asleep, woke up several hours later with dried blood all over my pillows (i spit out the gauze), and promptly went to smoke some weed.:thumbsup: I smoke using a bucket aka gravity bong, and i didnt have any bad effects in the surgical area. Ive smoked the same way twice today already. They gave me a bottle of 40 t-3s but I dont want any codeine. the pain isnt bad enough for that..have just been taking advil, when i absolutely have to. they are much easier on my stomach than tylenol-3s.

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