Smoking Pot after Wisdom Teeth removal

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Nugget Lover, Mar 22, 2007.

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    A friend of mine actually had his wisdom teeth removed on like a thursday and he smoked friday, but what he did was inhaled it through his nostril, like he plugged one and just sucked in with the other one. He said it worked fine because he was scared about sucking through his mouth too. But ya thats all I know about that so I thought i might share that with ya bud. Oh and a question I would like to know, since when did cannabis become an anticoagulant within your blood, is there any scientific proof behind that? -one love-
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    theres always a way to get high

    yeah, i asked my dentist if i can smoke weed after haveing the surgery, he told me about dry socket and it will happen if i did it, so now, i got a batch of weed browines bakeing in the oven right now, so just make weed browies ad you'll be high. i havent missed a day of gettig high in 4 months, and i dont plan on missing a day!
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    I know this is prolly late but however I just found the info I needed when I got my wisdom teeth removed 2 days ago. The best way I found is to wet the cotton gauze that you and biteing on then inhaling bong hits through you nortrils. Be sure to exhale again out of you nostrils. I got high, no dry socket no nothing. Healed just fine and a good rate.

    I started doing this about 3-4 hours after the operation (fell asleep) My body did not react in a negative way to the anestesia (Some people get nautious.)

    If I could, Id make brownies. But hey, I dont have 20gs just to drop to make a batch so :( If you can, make tea, brownies cookies whatever but if you cant, this should work. Enjoy and be careful to call you dentist if the pain starts flaring up. And remember to tell him what you did if you fucked up cause hes a doctor, is not out to get you arrested hes there to help heal ya. :Rasta:
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    I just had one of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday due to a infection, Ive only taken one hit from a one hitter and changed my mind ill be making sum toast along with cannabutter untill day three, i am craving cigarettes tho lol :smokin:
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    Soak a tea bag in your mouth in the area where your teeth were pulled let it sit in there and rest and form to your mouth, you can smoke, but i used a straw and hit it lightly. I told my dentist i would not stop smoking so that's what she recommended and it worked just fine for me. The tea bag helps prevent the air from going in your socket and keeps the area moist.
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    hope it helps

    I don't know if it has been recommended yet, for I've been on that Maui Wowie ( aw yeah_

    but 7 days ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, Im no professional but if it is the suction that causes these issues and Dry Sockets, I would recommend a Gravity Bong... for sure. and slowly suck in the smoke, it does not create much of a vacuum effect, plus gravity bongs are the cool shi*

    Enjoi :Rasta:
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    damnit im the only one here who smoked and got dry sockets, let me give a warning to all fellow stoners dont smoke after surgery, i repeat dont smoke after surgery stick with the pain killers :stoned: my mouth got infected after the surgery from smoking to many bong hits and they had to cut into my gums with a razor to drain the infection@! it sucked ass !!! but i did get more pain killers on the only upside :D so all in all yes you can smoke and get away with it but is it really worth the risk?? i think not just wait a few days before smoking and enjoy your high that much more dont do what i did my brudahs!! :Rasta:!! like some one said above make edibles :D
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    I would honestly wait. I was very cautious about smoking after i had mine removed, waited about 5 days. I took one bong rip at night, and the next day I had a dry socket. That was some of the worst pain I've ever felt. I would find another way to get the THC into your body; tea, firecrackers, brownies, etc. Also, enjoy your painkillers!
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    Can you take a couple hits and it being ok like once at night time a day?
  10. emilya

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    no... eat your pot instead during this time... let your empty sockets heal. I made this mistake and dealt with an dry socket for months until it finally filled in... and it was not fun. It is the suction that does it... even pulling on a joint. Pulling on a bong would surely cause problems.. don't do it.
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    swish with salt water, take your antibiotics & enjoy the 7.5 Percocets :bananadance:
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    Renato made cannabis suppositories after my hands were lopped off
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    back when i had a tooth extracted, i got pissed off by the dentist and slam the door as he finished up so i never had those information about smoking.... so i did smoke, 2 days after it did got infected, believe me it hurt like hell,.. i didn't go back to my dentist... i didn't know about dry socket you know.... so i keep on smoking to pass the pain... it dosnt work that way.... ended up at the e.r at 4 am... it was so fking painful i couldnt breath

    don't do this at home... im telling you... life is too short!
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    ohh that was huge!!! Great man!!!:hippy::hippy::hippy:
  15. Smantha Brooks

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    Man just do what ever you like and feels good, but just save your teeth for the dinner LOL
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    Same day tooth extraction and smoking as i type
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