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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by HighAllTheTime420, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. HighAllTheTime420

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    After i smoke, I save my roaches until I hav enough 4 a joint, and then I go 2 thinking, maybe when the smoke is pulled through the joint/blunt, maybe sum of the thc sticks on the weed that it passes. Then i had another thought, and I thought maybe the smoke passes the weed and carries sum of the thc with it. Which one is right? Basically what i'm asking is, is the weed in the roaches more potent or less potent. Thank u for ur answers.
  2. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Yeah, the resin from the smoke collects on the weed in the roach, making that weed stronger. A joint rolled from roaches will get you higher than a regular joint would, and a joint rolled from roaches of joints rolled from roaches will be even more potent. And a joint rolled from roaches of joints rolled from roaches of joints rolled from roaches...well, you get the idea.
  3. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    Just like oneironaut said....I always get more baked off of a joint of roaches...the only thing is that you need kinda a lot of roaches to make a J
  4. ronjohn420

    ronjohn420 Registered+

    haha, yep that is true....... a long time ago i had a "greatful dead" pipe, well this pipe had a chamber in the middle that unscrewed called a "resination chamber" i could fit like a 1/4oz in there and it would get so sticky from being used as a filter.....

    then we would smoke it............. oh my god (that stuff didnt even look like weed) but we would get soooo high, and it would sizzle and bubble and shit

    ahh the memories (that was like 8yrs. ago)
  5. hipEstoner

    hipEstoner Registered+

    holy shit, did your gratefull dead pipe have a smiley face with dancinmg bears around it?
  6. JordaN23

    JordaN23 Registered+

    Roaches definately get you more high.
  7. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    Im gonna have to start saving mine.
  8. dankus maximus

    dankus maximus Registered+

    greatful dead fucking owns....such cool chill music to blaze too.

    oh yeah, one time my friend was saving roaches from blunts, to make a roach blunt, then he got enough and it was confiscated at a show, along with his wicked litle glass pipe, then he stopped smoking.
  9. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Whilst the theroy is there, this comment sums up the health implications.

    Smoke the "black stuff" and you'll be saying good bye...

    The "black stuff" is tar, and all the carciongenic compounds are in it, and the "black stuff" sticks to your lung lining, meaning less THC can be abosorbed.

    Each to their own, i'd rather live.
  10. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    I love roaches. I save all of them, and then every once in awhile I'll take one and mix it in with a normal joint. Makes it slightly more potent.
  11. IanCurtisWishlist

    IanCurtisWishlist Registered+

    i usually put the roaches from other joints in the butt end of a new fresh green joint. it makes for one hell of a potent roach after 5 generations.
  12. iNfamouzJ

    iNfamouzJ Registered+

    personally, i'd put any roach in my bong or if we're on the go, a pipe.
  13. D1me

    D1me Registered+

    i saved a roach from last night im gonna mix it in with another bowl as soon as i can get some more bud
  14. CYRAX

    CYRAX Registered+

    Roaches fuck me up because all the resin clogs at the end.
  15. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I used to do the same thing as some here. I'd put a nug or two in my chamber of my bong and it would get all sticky. I used to have a metal bowl, and the stem piece, I would sometimes tuck a joint in there, and let the outside of the doob get all sticky with resin.

    I don't do that anymore as I just enjoy the taste of a good reefer. I don't really like the taste of resin and it gives me headaches now, so I only smoke resin in a desperate situation.
  16. ronjohn420

    ronjohn420 Registered+

    hipestoner, na mine had the red/blue skull and dancing bears at the corners

    and LIP, youre absolutley correct but..... if youre smoking the blunt in the first place, youre sucking like 5 inches of blunt worth the tar into your chest anyway, so why not "top it off with a roach"

    cheers everybody :thumbsup:
  17. Bubbleman

    Bubbleman Registered+

    I love roaches....marijuana, the gift that just keeps giving. :Rasta:

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