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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by merryjuana, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. merryjuana

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    alright so ive been lookin on the internet for a roach stone and cant seem to find one... give me some help here!!
  2. merryjuana

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    i just wanna know what theyre actually called.
  3. gypski

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    Smoking stones. I have some shown on my web page. Red Stone Pipes. I haven't made any pipes in a while, and the ones shown are gone. But I do have some round catlinite smoking stones. $10 plus shipping. I have sold a few of the round ones locally. :jointsmile:

    Disclaimer: Not a personal business ad, just answering a question. :D
  4. gypski

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    For some reason, the pages other then the home page are being blocked. I haven't check it in a while and will have to contact my host. But, here is what they look like. Catlinite is the scared pipes stone of Native Americans. :jointsmile:

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  5. merryjuana

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    haha thanks for that, and how long abouts for shipping to the west coast?
  6. Storm Crow

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    Old hippie chicks know where to go........

    Check out your local bead shop- ask for the ceramic macrame beads- they are perfect! lol :thumbsup:
  7. gypski

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    I would imagine a couple of days from Washington. Bubble wrapped and packed. If you can access my page, there is a contact e-mail. :jointsmile: They will fit a rolled object a little smaller then a cigarette. :jointsmile:
  8. Hennessy1414

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    and why the fuck is this in the vape lounge?

    stone roach holder...awesome idea :thumbsup:

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