Smoking Tinfoil Bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by miamiorange13, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. miamiorange13

    miamiorange13 Registered

    Okay my bong just broke and now, i am resorting to homemade bongs with bowls made outta tinfoil. Does anyone know if this is bad for you. I heard that if you eat tinfoil it can give you sometype of cancer. Please let me know
  2. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Tinfoil's bad, but aluminum foil's okay.
  3. FreeWeed4Me

    FreeWeed4Me Registered

    i ahve no idea, if i were you, use a popcan
  4. no aluminum is bad, period. soft metals are generally very toxic, that includes (but not limited to) copper, lead and aluminum (not sure about 'tin' but i'd just generally stay away from it, look for nickel, or steel).

    aluminum has been studied (effects of smoking it) and has shown to increase chances of getting alzheimers disease... which you definately don't want.... i realize some people cannot buy bongs, but don't just settle for something that's unsafe because you can't.

    go to your local hardware store, there is EVERYTHING you could possibly need to build a bong in there, and a damn good one, for cheap as hell... just use your imagination, start with finding the 'body' of the bong, then go looking for a stem/bowl slide combination, or just a bowl (that can atleast be unscrewed) and put a carb on it... don't risk your health just to smoke...

    remember steel or nickel (i know there are other metals but i can't think of any right now) hope this helps :thumbsup:

    edit, use no cans, they are generally made of aluminum...
  5. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Wtf .. Do you even know what your on about?

    Tin foil normally has aluminum in it...

    Tin foil is bad. Dont smoke out of it.
  6. Faultydesign

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    it's been said before....soft metals that burn at a low temp release fumes...metal fumes are harmful to your body.
  7. ChronicMike

    ChronicMike Registered+

    Foil is bad, just smoke a joint or wait till you get a piece.
  8. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    I just realized that a good-shaped teapot would make a killer bong.
  9. i just remembered something... you can use socket wrenches for bowls, try to find brand new ones, but ifyou can't, make sure you clean that bitch good...
  10. Don Don

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    Brass is the greatest.
  11. free bird

    free bird Registered+

    yes i made one using those and some screen
  12. thank you! i've been racking my brain i knew there was a nother 'main' metal that could be used, i forgot brass lol.
  13. holysmokin

    holysmokin Registered+

    ^^"Brass is the greatest"

    No, this is another soft metal
  14. MrGreenFingaz

    MrGreenFingaz Registered+

    BOO YEA! i cant wait till i get my alzheimers! :dance: i did my share of hurtin bong smokin back in the day LOL:smokin:
  15. but brass can be safely used, hell atleast a 1/4 of what i've seen in headshops/websites was made from brass... or had a brass bowl (i.e. acrylic bong with brass bowl) i still had a brass bowl til about 5 months ago when i let my little brother have it... look it up if you don't believe me.
  16. toothpaste100

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    boo, stick with glass or ceramic over metal.
    if you have no headshop near you, then I could see you using metal, but it is NOWHERE near as close to the clean smoke of inert glass.
  17. you knwo there are plenty of reasons not use glass and metal instead, when are some of you just going to learn that not everyone needs/wants glass... if someone wants metal, don't belittle them for it...

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