Smoking uncured and undried?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by BlueBear, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. BlueBear

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    I don't know if this sounds crazy, but most people I know like bud wetter than dryer. they like it sticky like when it just comes off of the plant, well after being manicured. I like a nice dry smoke, so it trips me out. I guess that they think it looks cooler right after the harvest and trim when it will just stick to about anything.
    Allot of people I know roll blunts and dry the blunt after they roll it anyway by using a lighter to seal the blunt, or by putting the blunt on a toaster or the car heater so maybe when they get smoke that is properly dried they over kill it by drying the blunt or something.
    I am MR. Clueless to the people out hear when it comes to specifics on bud, noone knows that I am a gardener. Kind of like Spidy, it's my secret identity.
    Just wondering if anyone else knows people like this?
  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    This thread confuses me so bad :p.
  3. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    Should I change my user name to Confucius? Well, perhaps I am in one of those completely unintelligible moods that my wife often complains about. Excuse my temporary insanity.
  4. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ..they can't wait...

    ..I was like that I set a small amount aside..(for the mircowave..blasphemy!) and put the rest in glass jars......the harvest is not over yet..
  5. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ..yours is temporary?..

    ...mine is permanent...
  6. the image reaper

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    during the drying process, certain active chemicals in the buds morph into psychoactive ingredients ... hurrying the drying process affects the potency, as well as the smokability ... patience, patience, patience ... the three secrets to quality herb ... :smokin:
  7. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    My insanity is temperary, the brain damage is what's permanent. LOL
    I guess to each his own, but when folks I know get a nice dried bud they wonder why it's not all moist and sticky like when you first trim it, must be just a thing that caut on in my area by growers always selling undried bud, so now some people around hear think it's the norm.
  8. NightProwler

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    smokin wet weed tastes better
  9. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    LOL I microwaved a bud once and it got zapped by little beams of
    electricity was smoking when I took it out. That was
    my last attempt at micro-curing if need a fast toke after harvest
    I oven cure a bud or two.
  10. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Smoking wet weed is such a waste it almost makes me cry to think that people are stupid enough to do it.

    Fresh bud looks/ smells good, but its no where near as potent as it is once its been dryed and cured.
  11. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke smoke..

    ..silly me...the info advice I had at the time..say 1 minute..defrost I did that..25 seconds later..the resin caught fire on the paper very first joint.... I have ever grown....smoked it's self.
  12. MastaChronic

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  13. Legalizdahurb

    Legalizdahurb Registered+

    the pther reason ppl sell it wet is because they can make more money from it, the greedy bas*%ds.
  14. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    yeah like that stuff we got hold of could of been a bit dryer lol
    still done the trick like and was bettter than nothing at all
    cheers all :)
  15. Kwali

    Kwali Registered+

    I know someone that uses a Food Dryer type thing that you see on info commericals all the time. He got one at a garge sale for like $5. When he harvests his plants, he will set aside like a quarter and use it in the food dryer. Drys it pretty quick and smokes fine till the rest of his harvest is dry/cured.
  16. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    Hilarious! :p That sucks tho. :(

    Sons of Bitches...someone did that to me recently...I was not happy :cursing: By the time I dried it out, it was 7g short! :cursing::cursing:

    *takes a puff of some icky* :upsidedow

    Well, they do what they do...meh.

  17. Tom Green Thumb

    Tom Green Thumb Registered+

    Around my area about eight to nine years ago wet weed was the norm. Not just off the plant, but wet enough that you would have to let it sit out a few hours before it would burn slowly. Then came the Vientamese weed and it was always bone dry. This new wave of weed was available in such quantities and for such a long time that it permanently changed the way weed is finsihed around here. Now you can't sell wet weed to save your life. It all is dry now, and even the price has gone down.

  18. InTheJungle

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    When I harvested my first plant I burned a bit just to see how it tasted. It was very sticky and moist but I packed it in my bubbler. There's really no problem smoking sticky/uncured bud, you just really need to torch the bowl.

    If you can though, be patient, and wait for the curing process to finish, which will improve potency
  19. King Amdo

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    ...what turbo lighters were invented for :)
  20. King Amdo

    King Amdo Registered+ non growing m8's look at the madmad as he incenderies x amount of weed in the pipe using the flame thrower thingy. (where x potentially has no limit).

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