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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by phytokind, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    So if I'm forced to harvest my plant early, how will it smoke? What effects will it have?
  2. GrowRebel

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    It depends on how unripe it is .... you will get a buzz ... but the earlier you take it the less the buzz is. It's been a while, but I recall reading somewhere that some take their bud a bit early like a week or two so they will get a nice head buzz from it.

    Depending on the strain .... if you take it two to three weeks earlier I would say you would still get a nice buzz.

    But I'm sure most of the growers would advice you to get it as close to harvest as possible. Just my ... :twocents:
  3. AlwaysBlazed

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    Check the trichomes. If they are clear, you're screwed. If they're cloudy or amber your good (they can be just 1, just the other, or mixed).
  4. bud breath420

    bud breath420 Registered+

    is theyre anyway you can let them go any longer the more the better..
  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    The clear trichomes doesnt contain any active ingredients to produce any psychoactive effects?
  6. m.g.

    m.g. Banned

    i wouldn't say 'screwed' won't be as potent as it would have been had it been allowed to fully ripen but you'll have something worthy and most likely better than anything from the streets. the green taste can be easily remedied by curing, and depending on the strain it could be damn fine stuff! my white russians are nearly done (2 weeks early going by breeder info) as all trich's are clouded with many turned amber and no noticable growth for over two weeks. they're already huge anyway with beercan-size buds on each cola...
    for the statisticians here;
    13 total colas on 4 plants with one pinch early in seedling stage. each cola is a minimum 0f 10" with most in the 14-16" range and one exceptional 18 incher! all very fat (3" dia...hence the 'beercan buds' handle) with short hairs varying from pink to reddish brown with white undertones beneath the pistils...iow, very white widow appearing but much better aroma, closer to sweet tooth or even a skunk when close. this one's a keeper, imnsho and it will be growing alongside the c99 with a permanent home in my gardens...

    now if only i could find some original sol sweet tooth or vic high's space queen and romberry (hint, hint)...
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  7. dirfjiggler

    dirfjiggler Registered

    It will taste like shit.
  8. Mrs. Greenjeans

    Mrs. Greenjeans Registered+

    I beg to differ.^
    I have been smoking on some 4 weeks premature bud today. It tastes great. It stinks so bad (rotting meat smell) it makes me gag, but it tastes good. Spicy, like cinnamon and ginger. And the stone is freaky. I can't wait to hit it when it's really done.
  9. dirfjiggler

    dirfjiggler Registered

    Could of been bad cause it wasnt fully dried. I dont know but I didnt like it.
  10. tomasinho

    tomasinho Registered+

    I think they are good if you flush first - some of mine broke off early (about 4 weeks into flower) so I smoked it. It got me a head buzz but tastes fertilizery.
  11. Mrs. Greenjeans

    Mrs. Greenjeans Registered+

    I guess it just depends on the plant. And maybe also the drying method.
  12. smoke_and_fly

    smoke_and_fly Registered+

    lol last weekend i got desperate
    i harvested my plant then smoked it on the day
    like one hour after harvest
    i had to light it once then light it again
    like light once to dry it and another to smoke it
    it was good lol mad body high
    i mixed sum brought dryed and cured bud and mixed it with mine
    2 3rds mine undryed 1 3rd brought
    it was the best party weed ive ever had seriously
  13. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    If your "premature" buds are too harsh, just water cure them (do a search). You loose flavor, but it is WAAAAY smoooth! It does NOT cut the potency, your pot is just as stoney!- Granny:hippy:
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  14. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    I'll agree with this, water cure hits VERY smoothly :thumbsup:
  15. LIP

    LIP Banned

    If you harvest before the trichomes are cloudy, you'll get a weak head buzz. When the trichomes are cloudy your at your optimum.

    The longer you leave it, the more trichomes turn amber. The THC is degrading into CBD CBN and CBG. This will give you a heavy indica type body stone.

    Hold out as long as possible if you HAVE to harvest early.
  16. Tox

    Tox Registered+

    that man knows what he's talking about...
  17. jsb1904

    jsb1904 Registered

    Not so true. Depends on the strain and also if its outdoor or indoor. I have some OG Kush outdoor that I just harvested a weekish ago and its curing now but its so freaking stoney and I SMOKE EVERY DAY ALL DAY!
  18. redaaron

    redaaron Registered+

    I had a Sativa that almost would not turn cloudy at all... like 12-13 weeks into flower indoors. Was about 90 clear but very sticky almost even after the dry.

    I've also had some Pineapple Express that I had to take down a little early because it was dwarfed by a larger plant competing for space... also mostly clear not as sticky.

    Both were awesome smokes!

    The key really is flushing your plants. I've noticed, and with amateur skill, that as soon as I began to flush I could see a result in changing trichomes. About 10-30% change. I won't back that up simply because I don't have enough evidence. But the flush is all about the TASTE not any result in formation or degradation of THC. Chemicals simply taste like they sound. I believe you want the plants to break down any sugars it might be producing from the food and turning them into carbs. I'll shut up I'm a little stoned but I think that's how it werks.

    Also, any good grower knows a good cure adds flavor and potency to any weed, good or bad. So do both and you can't go wrong. That is, of course, assuming that your plants we're old enough to produce any THC at all.
  19. redaaron

    redaaron Registered+

    holy * I had no idea I just bumped a very OLD THREAD.
  20. StratoStreak

    StratoStreak Registered

    Haha dude that was awesome, I just had my first morning hit after a REALLY long working weekend, (managed a 24h festival) and started reading. I was really getting into your post when you realised this threads (exactly) one year old. I almost choked on my doughnut. Awesome sunday morning laugh.:Rasta:

    Anyways, so I'm stoned as well, so bear with me, but I just had my first harvest this year, and the flushing made a remarkable impact on the the trichome development just before harvest. The girl would just not go cloudy until I flushed. 3 weeks later and I had a very tasty harvest :p

    Like redaaron says, the flush is very important in terms of taste. It was something I paid more attention to this time, and I must agree with the post. This is especially relevant to the OP's situation, as the chemicals will still be in the growing medium at that stage. Flushing helps with an early harvest, and a good cure will make all the difference in the world. Word.

    I just bumped a really old thread. Derp!

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