Smoking weed causes neck and jaw pain and blocks my nose

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by jsm01, May 8, 2007.

  1. jsm01

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    I have this problem that everytime I smoke weed my neck starts to really ache. My entire body feels stiff as well especially my back. I can't keep still or my body starts aching as well. Also my nose gets blocked and I have really difficulty breathing. I need to open my mouth wide to breathe. Does anyone know the reason why?
  2. Andrew Nguyen

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    No but sounds pretty bad. Maybe you should stop smoking. Your body is giving you obvious signs saying stop.
  3. orangeman

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    Marijuana does not interact with the part of the brain that controls the respiratory functions so it's not the weed that's causing you to have a difficulty breathing. So unless you already have a problem which could be irritated by smoke then you're just having an anxiety attack or panicking a bit. Just calm down or w/e and it should all be good. I concluded that because I used to be just like you but the longer I smoked it just sorta wore off. It's all with the nervousness and shit or w/e lol :stoned:
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  4. mrdevious

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    Your breathing problems are probably caused by anxiety. Do you feel anxious/stressed when you smoke weed? It's not uncommon.

    As for the pain in your neck, do you currently have soft tissue damage or some other form of injury? I personally have damage to my neck, back, and spine in general and find that if I smoke too much weed it REALLY makes the pain worse for me (if I smoke moderaly, it still helps the pain). I don't know why this is, I've searched google inside out and found no evidence of weed causing pain, you're the first person to be in the same boat as me. Whatever the cause, good luck to you man.
  5. Antihero867

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    Like Mrdevious said its probley just anxiety. I deal with the same shit everyday. And as for the neck pain if you have any soft tissue damage then it does tend to irritate it a bit. My neck is horrible right now. I was in a car accident a few years back that totaled my car and the impact point was only an inch behind my head. And my neck has been progressively getting worse. Especially within the last 6 months for some reason. Its so bad that im gonna have arthritus for the rest of my life in my arms. And im only 19. But anyways weed tends to irritate that.
  6. J-dubb206

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    Maybe your allergic to weed
  7. lazy smoker7

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    i thought weed was making my nose stuff up from to much tar going in to them but they werent... it just turns out I have allegires... do you have allergies? Maybe you have allergies....? Allergies caused me those pains and still does.. and its not the smoking :) :stoned:
  8. dean0000

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    I have allergies and I get quite a blocked nose sometimes. I also have thin nasel passages which doesnt help. Basically these allergens make the mucous membranes in you nose expand and because they have no where else to go it blocks your nose shut. Smoke irritates the mucous membranes so it contributes to this happening. I have just seen a doctor about mine and he told me what I thought already and gave me some spray. The neck pain is proberly to do with your sinuses which goes with the blocked nose.
  9. Penngrove

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    Advice has been good

    What you are describing is an airway reaction. The pain you feel in your back is due to involuntary and voluntary muscles going into a constricted mode. This is much the same as an asthma attack. You are introducing an antigen that is irrating your tissue.

    The neck pain is actually some nerve roots and you probably feel it more at the base of your skull, probably a crushing sensation. They are inflammed at that time. Yes it goes along with the sinus problem.

    Things you can try. Rinse ( not spray ) your sinus cavity twice a day with a product like "NeilMed". You will find this probably will help you with airborne allergies. This wont prevent the problem as much as it will fix what is already there.

    If you have trouble swollowing or get a raspy voice or can only talk in low tones and can get air in, one must consider an allergic reaction. One of the safest drugs to try is Benedryl. Use 1 mg per kg loading dose. I.V. would be what we would use but orally you should see results with 30 to 60 minutes.

    Another thought is Angioedema but we usually dont see that in the chest area.

    This is based on what I read here. We always exam a patient and develop a minimum of three differential diagnosis.

    Smoking and Asthma dont mix. Sorry but that is the bottom line. If you want to keep smoking, you can cheat by using a drug called Advair. I would prescribe 50/500 twice a day. Also use your inhaler. The inhaler is most likely going to jack you up but the goal here is to open your airway.

    Also patients have told us the pure indica causes problems whereas sativa tends not to be as irratating for whatever reason. I have nothing to back that up in studies.

    We have used steroid therapies as a way to control chronic problems.

    And the folks who talk about anexity are correct. Lots of times we see patients and the anexity of doing something new or being in the doctors office can trigger an asthma response.

    And the drugs that effect your respiratory. Number one is narcotics. That is probably that biggest and best. When you have a naggy cough, codine is a good example of a class of narcotic that works well on the breathing center. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with lots of people who just forgot to breath after shooting herion. We brought back a few but most were gone. As far as cannabis, no known receptors that we know of.

    In terms of cannabis, the only emergency brought in was a guy "overdosing" on cannabis. Our treatment was to watch him for a few hours until he mellowed out. Nothing wrong in our test results so we conclude anexity was the cause.

    But the docs in our practice will pretty much tell you to quit smoking period. Even the vapor and its oil deposit may be irrating to sensitive tissue. They do not have a problem with edibles. In fact they do write recommendations.

    My disclaimer. This is not medical advice. Seek medical attention anytime you have an asthma attack that can not be controlled by your own medication. Seek medical attention whenever you feel you can not breath. If you feel you have a life threatening emergency call 9-1-1
  10. Silent Wolf

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    I don't get the aching or blocked nose. But sometimes if i've smoked quite a bit, i do breath a lot faster which does make me feel short of breath. But i suspect that's due to the increased heart rate caused by the weed.
  11. DemoCommando

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    i get this also.
    At night, when I toke up, my nose is so blocked I cna't breathe except through my mouth and it feels that I have lots of mucus buildup in my throat.

    But this is only when I smoke reefer at night. Cigs don't do this to me.

  12. sam44

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    sometimes when i take GIANT bong rips, my mouth neck and lungs will hurt like a mofo for about 15 mins
  13. shaan04

    shaan04 Registered+

    I think it might be a mental thing cuz i use to feel guilty having weed thinking that it was a bad thing. But when u start doing some research on it u get more knowledge.
  14. DemoCommando

    DemoCommando Registered+

    I've been smoking for two years, it's not mental. That shit happens no matter my state of mind.

  15. shaan04

    shaan04 Registered+

    Thas crazzy man i never new cuz i use to get neck pains cuz i felt guilty that i was useing it buh i gusse every one is diffrent.
  16. deadfan420

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    When I smoke weed my joints will ache a little. I attribute it to my being hyper-aware of all my senses while high, not some bad reaction or anything.

    I found breathing can be difficult too, and my heart will race as well. I just figure it's part of the high and don't think about it. The good feelings of being high far outweigh these few bad symptoms.
  17. r0k

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    Lol dude, same for me but mine are explainable.. Like my neck hurts cause I'm sitting here for a long period of time, being too stoned to move.. And my nose is stuff cause I just smoked, idk.. Always is, and yeah I breathe through my mouth sometimes too, but just blow your nose dude.
  18. Gandalf_The_Grey

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    Maybe ween can cause a reverse-inflammatory effect in some people, it would explain the neck pain and his trouble breathing; Swollen sinuses do feel like they're "stuffed up". I also had to quit weed because it aggrivates my pain which is caused by inflammation in my spine, and I've heard a few other members here say it makes their back pain worse.

    Makes me suspect every so many people have a body chemistry that, after gaining a high tolerance, starts rejecting the tetrahydrocannabinol and releasing inflammatory chemicals to counter the anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. There are even rare conditions where people's bodies release excessive amounts of inflammatory molecules, an auto-immune disorder I suppose, a neurologist tested me for this once.

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