Smoking Weed With Seeds In It... IS IT BAD?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Jay Matix, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    Usually when my friend picks some weed. It is not seeded (has seeds in it)

    So before we smoke it I try to get as many seeds out as possible. But after 3 or 4 bowls it gets too hard to de-seed the weed. So i just say fuck it and if I smoke some seeds with the weed "Oh Well".

    But I have heard that
    - seeds can give you cancer
    - seeds make you not be able to have children
    - seeds affect your sexual desirees
    - seeds can give you a bad high
    - (MANY MORE)

    But i need facts. Is it bad to smoke seeds? If so what are the factual side-effects... ect.

    I know most of you here have smoked a few seeds... so let me know the facts :thumbsup:
  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yes it's bad to smoke seeds, especially if they are mature because they can be germinated, planted and grown :D.

    (if you cant grow now, collect the seeds and save for later ;)).
  3. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Well the stuff you said is bullshit. Complete bullshit.

    No part of the cannabis plant gives a living cell any mutation or form of cancer.

    Seeds do nothing to effect fertility.

    All seeds do is pop... But your being ripped off everytime you buy... You dont smoke the seeds so why pay for em? You aint getting your money's worth...

    And pick all the seeds out at the beggining
  4. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    that's what i always tell myself i'm going to do. But i never end up doing it haha.

    But now i really need to just do it instead of during.

    But i was just wondering about the side-effects.... anyone else know?
  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Dude dont smoke the shit, if your just gonna toss the seeds, give 'em to me.
  6. rainbows.rsexy

    rainbows.rsexy Registered

    plant them somewhere with grow crystals
  7. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    Alright i took your guys advice. from now on only pickin up de-seeded weed. and if i have to smoke weed that has seeds in it, im takin out the seeds before i smoke :smokin:
  8. i once, smoked a bowl of seeds, i can't remember right now why i'm too tired, it was either because i wanted to try out my steamroller, or just for pure experemintation, but yea, i have a kid, and it was like one of the first unprotected sex we had, so yea.. i can vouch it doesn't mess with fertility..
  9. go toke up

    go toke up Registered+

    seeds give me a fat headache when i smoke'em.
  10. yes i got quite the damn headache too, and i only took one hit, after that, hell no not doing that anymore...
  11. Eshelmen

    Eshelmen Registered+

    its still illegal if thats what you mean? hehe
  12. wordddddd

    wordddddd Registered+

    honestly, they dont give me a bad high or anything like that, but when i get to the end of the bowl they do tend to get caught in the hole and clog that shit up. thats a real pain in the ass, just pick em out when you break out the weed
  13. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    i dont mind the occasional seed but when its like POP x like wtf...who loaded that shit? then i realize it was my stoned ass...haha
  14. chisme

    chisme Guest

    seeds give you headache
  15. notrightquite

    notrightquite Registered+

    Seeds ... dunno, never had one. I want some! I want to plant them.
  16. brains

    brains Registered+

    killer headache
    runins high
  17. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    good advice. i smoked a few days ago and a few seeds got in there

    seeds/stems/sticks = major headache.
  18. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Don't buy weed with seeds. Problem solved.
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  19. Coughka

    Coughka Registered+

    Other than the fact they taste like shite when you smoke them, there are no known side effects to smoking seeds.
  20. gotuve

    gotuve Registered+

    they give me a headache and taste like shit thats bout it

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