Smoking when Sick?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by xkasx12, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. xkasx12

    xkasx12 Registered+

    I have head cold, and a mild soar throat, jus scratchy...if i smoke will my throat get worse?
  2. AbandonNegativity

    AbandonNegativity Registered+

    I find if you don't smoke alot at once, it helps. The next day, the cold sucks worse though. If you just stay high throughout the cold maybe by the time you run out of weed or stop smoking you'll have got over the cold. That's my hopes, it works for me :)
  3. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    Seems to help me with a runny nose. Don't know about sore throat though.
  4. RIP ODB

    RIP ODB Registered+

    I wouldn't smoke a blunt if I were you man, one time I had a bad cold and kept smokin blunts throughout the 4 days I was sick, my lungs and throat were shot. And the coughing!! My god, the coughing!!
  5. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Smoking gets me through being sick. ^.^ So would I smoke with a headcold? Yes.

    Should you? Try it and find out.
  6. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Yeah, I often toke when I'm sick to relieve nausea and loss of appetite, as well as to just feel better in general. Just take little sissy hits off a pipe and your sore throat shouldn't give you too much trouble.
  7. naturalmystic

    naturalmystic Registered+

    I have similar syptoms. I have a slightly scrathy throat that kept me up all last night because i had to keep swallowing to keep it wet. It sucks. That won't stop me from smoking tonight though. I just lie in bed, pop and movie in and smoke a bowl.
  8. jacquelyne

    jacquelyne Registered+

    I find if i got a cold im ok.I dont get colds hardly ever.But i do get tonsilitis maybe once or twice a year and it fucking kills my throat bad when i pull a bong like swallowing razor blades painful shit.I try my best to get them down tho.Usually takes me 2 or 3 hits but normally i can pull a massive cone in one hit.Me no budgie lungs lol
  9. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    I'm been getting sort of congested in my nose. Since then, every time I take a hit, it HURTS. It burns bad so that I can hardly ever hold in the hit. But, i've found that if I only take about half the hits I usually do, then suck in some air, it makes it only hurt like a regular hit.
    This is the only thing I've noticed.
  10. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    I always smoke when i'm sick. With a sore throat though i'd take bong rips with ice/water.
  11. xkasx12

    xkasx12 Registered+


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