smoking when u have a cold

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by hades203, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. hades203

    hades203 Registered+

    i got a cold right now and i was wondering if it is ok to smoke while i had it?
    it might be a bit harder to but i think if it was ok i'd do it....
  2. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    I usually smoke when I have a cold... it makes me feel like i'm sick longer though
  3. D1me

    D1me Registered+

    nah stay sober i just had a bad one. you will just get a sore throat that hurts like hell, unless you have a really good bong with ice.
  4. hammertime

    hammertime Registered+

    i have smoked everyday for 4 years except for 4 days of being in nyc with my folks this summer, and a 3 day trip to my grandma's other than that i blazed rain or shine cough or cold pee or poop........if you arent dead then you should be blazin
  5. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    :thumbsup: even if im really ill i still try and toke,i then imagine im really stoned and not ill, but must admit i do sometimes regret it,but i aint gonna change a habbit of a lifetime,have a cold now,sore throat ,cough with every little toke and it tastes like shit but it aint gonna stop me.:stoned:
  6. onefourninezero

    onefourninezero Registered+

    The last time I had a cold and smoked (the only time actually), I felt fine for the rest of the day, but when I woke up the next day I felt fucking awful.

    I'd wait to smoke if I were you. A couple of days sober won't do any harm.
  7. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    dnt blaze when uve got a cold, it does make things worse, you won't notice it when ur high, but when you wake up u'll be all burnt out and feeling shit
  8. ozkid

    ozkid Registered+

    its not worth it
  9. zephyrinne

    zephyrinne Registered+

    I've smoked when I've had a little cold.. it actually makes me feel better. Takes away a headache, body aches, things like that. But I probably wouldn't smoke if I had a bad case of the flu or something.
  10. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    hell yeah thats how u do it:pimp:
  11. Pride

    Pride Registered+

    weed can cure colds and such. just try it a little and see what happens. it wont kill you. If anything, it will most likely help you.
  12. hades203

    hades203 Registered+

    well i tryied a bit and i felt better .....i didn't want to take sum cold med. till after i was sure that any bit of a buzz was completely gone.....I think my cold should clear up realy soon becuase school starts on tuesday
  13. SmokeyToker

    SmokeyToker Registered+

    i get colds. and still smoke.
    i think i get colds from smoking easier. idk.
    smoking gives you chronic bronchitious.
  14. Cas

    Cas Registered+

    i'd smoke if you're up, but if you're the kind of sick where you just sleep all day and it hurts you to sit up then forget about it.
  15. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    i did it yesterday and i think it got rid of it
  16. MudFu

    MudFu Registered+

    hehe I actually will not turn away weed when I have the flu or really sick in the stomach, not throw up sick but still sick.

    I find it makes me feel better, and I usually smoke at night so by the time I gett ready to come off the buzz, I'm usually in bed sleeping, so I avoid the pain for a while.

    Yep...weed, the cure of all that ills me.

    MyMARYJANE Registered+

    hmm maybe make some brownies or somethin. if your not really sick then id say yea smoke, but dont go crazy with it.. till you get better
  18. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Go right ahead. Just take little baby tokes if the smoke is making you cough a lot.
  19. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I smoked last time i had a cold and it went within 2 days, and it got rid of my chest infection too. Weed has anti-biotic properties so it cant make it any worse.
  20. BongZoola

    BongZoola Registered+

    As they say 'the best tonic is the chronic', just be sure to wash your mouth piece i've gotten sick from other ill tokers.

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