Smoking while on medication.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by YoureThirst, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. YoureThirst

    YoureThirst Registered+

    Hey there guys, I was just wondering if serious problems can be caused by smoking green while taking meds for stuff like arthritis.. such as prednizone or other similar types of meds. Let me know, I would really appreciate it!!
  2. McLuvin

    McLuvin Registered+

    You should be just fine. There should not be anything in MMJ that would mess with your meds unless they are psychotropic.
  3. pentigram

    pentigram Registered+

    OKay, follow-up question. I take meds for Anxiety, and Panic Disorder. Do you think it's still okay to smoke with it?
  4. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    Yes its fine,Im on similar meds. you will be okay if not even better ;)
  5. RelaxaBIT

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    facts are, people react differently to different things. I have smoked while on PLENT of meds and have never once had a problem. It's not like you're mixing other man made chemicals that can make you O.D or something like that. Now alcohol, that's a different story.
  6. YoureThirst

    YoureThirst Registered+

    Oh man its such a relief to hear that, thanks guys! I was really worried because I went 3 WEEKS without prednizone (my doctor told me my next goal with my pain is to wing off of prednizone completely..) I went an entire 3 weeks without taking any prednizone because once I had started to smoke everyday the pain still stayed away for the most part. However like 3 weeks in, I started to hurt again... and I have slowly begun to hurt more and more and thats why I asked this question.
  7. McLuvin

    McLuvin Registered+

    You are probably building a tolerance for the MMJ. You can try different strains, or keep a couple different kinds around so you can mix it up. :smokin:

    I love rainbow joints. where you mix three or four kinds together. That really helps when my lower back is killing me.

    BTW. I do take psychotropics and smoke daily with no interference in the meds. If anything I think it helps complete them.
  8. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    Do it with someone you trust and find out for yourself. You might find weed can replace some of your other meds with far less potential side effects.

    You understand that many people actually do use cannabis for anxiety and panic disorders, right?
  9. WashougalWonder

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    I do not think that is tolerance, I think it is the stabilizing effects of the prednisone has passed.

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