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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by vanislgrower, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. vanislgrower

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    Yea, i did it accidentally, a probly 4 inch portion of the plant off the top. its a clear snap all you can see at the top is the stem and the hollow portion. As i have never done this before i ask, what becomes of it?
  2. bugmenot2

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    I would take it off asap and root it like you would a clone. Most likely if it's properly snapped it will die otherwise.
  3. if it snapped like a dry wooden twig, yeah root it or compost it.

    if its just limp, give it 6 hours to 2days and it should start to straighten up.
  4. vanislgrower

    vanislgrower Registered+

    im talking about the bottom portion still in teh ground
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    Going to have to make up your mind. Either it's a 4 inch 'portion' off the top of the plant, or the bottom part that's still in the ground. Can't be both unless it was 4" tall. If it was a 4" tall youngster, it's toast.

    Since you mention the hollow stem,'s really impossible to understand what you're trying to ask, since a seedling doesn't have a hollow stem (it's 'hollowness' develops with maturity) you'll have to clarify what the heck you are talking about.
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  6. vanislgrower

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    fair enough, i will write clearly and straight forward. Theres a mature plant round 4 feet. I snapped off about a foot off the plant. The breakage is a clear breakage of the stem in which you can see the hollow inside. I am wondering if anyone has done this and what becomes of it.( the plant that is still rooted, not the top portion that has been snapped off)
  7. Rusty Trichome

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    Yes. I've had it happen to me.
    Leave the stalk alone, and let the wound heal. Takes a couple of days before it starts to dry-up and be less of a threat to develop disease. Once the wound heals, keep from 'filling-up' the straw-like stem you now have with any liquid. Do not fill it (the stem) up, to 'water' the interior of the plant. (it will kill her) Best not to spray until wound heals, too.

    After about a week and a half or two weeeks, new growth from the highest internodes will show their first growth spurts. (these will likely form your new colas)
    Topping a maturing lady will stunt her vertical growth a bit, but she should fill in pretty good compared to the strains' usual undergrowth habits.
  8. vanislgrower

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    yeah , there are now 4 colas instead of one going to grow wow makes alot more bud im thinking.

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