Snapple bottle?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JerryGarcia, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Hey, I heard that there's this one spot on the bottom of a snapple bottle that you can hammer a nail through without breaking the bottle, making an excellent waterfall bong. Does anybody know where that spot is, man?
  2. intheclouds

    intheclouds Registered+

    Hey man, That's a good idea if it will work. Hell i'm always trying to do shit to see if it works, Go for it,it feels real good when something works! :thumbsup:
  3. Jesse DeForest

    Jesse DeForest Registered+

    You're thinking of a SoBe bottle, I believe.
  4. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Okay, so do you know where that spot is?
  5. sharpezor

    sharpezor Registered+

    think about it. it wouldn’t be on the side. it wouldn’t be on the top. MUST BE ON THE CENTER BOTTOM!
  6. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    its on the bottom, and yes its a sobe bottle, theres a little indent on the bottom on the side and u can put a nail right up against it and hammer it and makes a hole and a great grav bong. im a bit traumatized with using those tho because of my recent salvia experience.
  7. chillsmoke

    chillsmoke Registered+

    yeah its on the side at the bottom... u cant miss it---then poke holes in the cap and put yur but on it then submerge almost fully with water and then put on your green and light then just pull the whole bottle out of the water and let it fall out then take cap off and smash that hit
  8. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

  9. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    I tried this idea but I guess the suction wasn't strong enough, because when we let go of the hole and lit the weed, the smoke didn't get pulled into the bottle. So we just put some foil on the top of the bottle and smoked through the hole we made, lol.
  10. Cas

    Cas Registered+

    this works on a 20 oz. sobe bottle too.
  11. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    do you have to have a bucket of water to submerge it in or can you jsut fill it up with water, let the smoke be pulled in, then suck it out?
  12. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

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  13. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    That's what mine looked like. I think it might be too small.
  14. stothelutz

    stothelutz Registered+

    Sounds like it would work but from what I've seen and heard the bigger the device the better and Sobe bottles are way small.
  15. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    a hit from a two litter would fucking hurt tho. well atleast for me.
  16. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Any ideas why mine didn't work?
  17. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    how many holes did you make at the top. Because maybe there's a lot of air gettin by. try packing the bowl tighter
  18. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    Hey man, mine worked really well. im stoned right now.
  19. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    I made a bowl out of foil, but it was airtight.
  20. Justin.J

    Justin.J Registered+

    Try buying A real bowl then it should work.

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