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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Nocturnal Stoner, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Nocturnal Stoner

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    Is there any way that you can get bud past sniffer dogs, or any special hiding area where cops won't search, that will ease getting bud past them without noticing?
  2. Frivolous248

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    I've heard of putting coffe beens IN with the weed to mask the scent, it was on COPS and the cop said "hes got coffee beans in here so he knows how to hide the smell from the dogs". Not sure how well it works, just putting it out there.
  3. cole

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  4. pogmoasal1

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    smuggling drugs are we?

    yeah you throw it the middle of a can of coffie grinds and dogs cant smell it.

    but you shouldent smuggle drugs it bad for your freedom.
  5. Inferius

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  6. Big Blunt Boy

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    Man the best sure proof way is to stick ur bud in bag get a vasiline container, put the bag in the container. Then to be really safe surround the vasiline with coffee beans.

    P.S Coffee beans are not always sure proof cuz it only masks it and the dog could still pick up that sweet sweet scent
  7. cole

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  8. Left

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    from what i understand somthing like coffee beans or ground coffee because dogs sense of smell is so high. It was explaned to me as when we bake lets say brownies we smell brownies but dogs smell egg flower chocolate etc. You can put it in vacume seeled bags but you have to make sure you get the smell off the outside of the bag if you have it sitting on there. I dont know how accurate i am but i would think if your going through the trouble of finding ways to get bud past dogs you would want to be sure a dog cant sniff it out.
  9. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    This just struck me as funny. "special hiding area"... Yeah, I can think of one!

    Problem is, it's that certain special place where ALL dogs, not just police dogs, like to sniff the most!
  10. Bob the Awesome

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  11. capriceswangin

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    put it in any sealable container, then put vaseline all over it, then put it in a ziplock, more vaseline, another ziplock.... you will be aight
  12. SixesUp

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    yeah coffee i welded a box onto the bottom of my car with a shelf i just pour the grounds in and stuff the bags in...what kind of cop is going to crawl and look up into your chasis
  13. dewdrinker

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    bob its not just a plastic bag. i bought one from the local smoke shop. it was called green keepr and when you close it there is no smell of weed at all. thats how i snuck 16 kush joints onto a cruise.
  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Ok, hiding places... Stash places for weed or ANY other drug.

    First, you NEED to seal it so NO smell can possibly get out. AT ALL. Then you can hide it all behind light switches. Put the switch back on and no one will ever ever know.
  15. Damon32

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    I smell "Pork"
  16. shoi

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    i say id rather be safe than sorry :p i doubt theres any fool proof method of doing it... just need to be lucky and cautious
  17. hammertime

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    they check for weed on a cruise???? if so i am canceling my spring break trip? do they check with dogs and shit hardcore?
  18. MargaretRiverGrower

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    When I was taking my own personal weed over east i just had it in a ziplock bag, Then put that in a big tin, and filled the tin to the top with curry powder. Dogs went passed my bags TWICE, I was shitting my pants but never got caught, Tis all good.
  19. bentleygtgirl

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    put it in some hair conditioner, in like a tub of it, the kind in the "ethnic" aisle. or put it in a jar of peanut butter, or put it in a candle and melt the candle back to itself.
  20. Left

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    I believe your incorrect, there is a tried and true method to smuggle things from here to there: put it in a condom, have children or bitches swallow them, and then get them to throw it up when you have arrived

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