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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ThaiStick101, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Right hello everybody I'm a newbie here and have been on the weed for only a few months and can't really afford to buy some every so often because I'm still at school and don't have a job.

    Well a few days ago, my mate had bought some ThaiStick and got some seeds with it. He gave me a couple of seeds and I'm gonna have a go at growing them. I can't do it at home because I'm not wanting to do it in my parents home, or buy hundreds of lights for it either. So I'm gonna do this 'Guerilla' Planting.

    My mate said that the plant has to be female to make weed that gets you stoned or high, whatever. The male is just rubbish. Well I have 2 seeds, and 50% chance, so if you can tell me if I can find out the gender I plant them.

    I'm gonna plant them next February-March and grow them on my windowsill first 'till they are quite big, but still unrecognizable by using just good ole sunlight. Then plant them in a field local to where I stay. I was thinking of underneath a Bramble bush (I was reading a guide and they recommended there because it's quite hidden), but I'm not so sure because it may not get sunlight. + wasps will sting me trying to get to it in the summer.

    And to dry them, I'll cut the crop, put it in a Plastic A4 pocket and tie it upside down up a tree so it dries out quicker but I herd your ment to dry them out in a dark place :S.

    But please say if you think I'm doing something wrong btw.

    I just a questions tho.

    What's Germinate process, do I do this before I plant?

    Anyway thanks for reading and help in advance.
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    Window sill is 2 separate words.....

    Also, really some ThaiStick? Thought that shit was long gone......

    How old are you?

    Just read around, you'll find what your looking for, but for starters, no, you can't tell sex by looking at the seeds....that would be sweet though

  3. ThaiStick101

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    17. So basically it's just a hope thing then?
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    study your school work not growing weed

    get a education,mate then if you still want to do it then
  6. ThaiStick101

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    It's just a hobby
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    Aloha Habinar;
    This thread is 9 years old. You will get a better response from current threads. Posting date it at the bottom of each post. :)

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