So how many minnesotans do we got on the boards?

Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by dschill, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. dschill

    dschill Registered+

    I was just wonderin so yea itd be kewl if ya'll posted and told where your at! I myself live in central mn kinda by long prarie and little falls if anyone knows those 2 towns.
  2. usedchemicals

    usedchemicals Registered+

    i'm in st. peter, 10 miles north of mankato
  3. cmorbud

    cmorbud Registered+

    im just east of the missippi
  4. rico8908

    rico8908 Registered+

    im in mankato
  5. Lepp

    Lepp Registered+

    I'm just outside Princeton, but I'm in town almost every day. I'm going to fucking rule this town.
  6. dschill

    dschill Registered+

  7. SmokeyDope

    SmokeyDope Registered

  8. Brel32

    Brel32 Registered

  9. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    Well holy shit, I also live in Winona, MN
  10. FreeWeed4Me

    FreeWeed4Me Registered

    Just south of Alexandria, lotsa potheads here
  11. Mnoutdoorz

    Mnoutdoorz Registered+

    Just south of the cities about 20 mins.
  12. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    Like Rousemount, or am I thinking too low, more like eagan or burnsville
  13. DuTcHpAsSiOn

    DuTcHpAsSiOn Registered

    Representin Worhington, MN South West style PEACE to all!
  14. MrRee39

    MrRee39 Registered

    kickin it in wayzata!
  15. ImOnSomeGoodShit

    ImOnSomeGoodShit Registered+

  16. Bathorys Sainthood

    Bathorys Sainthood Registered

    South of the cities as well, apple valley is home to me.
    Though during the year i go to school in morris, out in the uncharted westlands
  17. Wake

    Wake Registered

    I'm around the Anoka area.
  18. SweetBuds

    SweetBuds Registered

    Hey DutchPassion-- Do they ever get anything better than mexi-brick in that town? hehehe...Jess wonderin' cause I grew up near there, and moved here about ohhhhh 5 years ago, to where the dank rules!!! ;) I know the few times I've seen anything other than that shi**y mexi-brick, it was so steep in price no one could afford it.

    Anyway, representin' as an oldtimer, who's home is in Minnesota...southwest that is. ;)

    Peace all -- keep it green!
  19. AnyColourYouLike

    AnyColourYouLike Registered+

    Hastings...SouthEast of Twin Cities.

    Just moved here from Oregon..Anybody Nearby! Have yet to try local green.
  20. nigel123

    nigel123 Registered

    Med City !


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