So how many minnesotans do we got on the boards?

Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by dschill, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. guyfromchi2004

    guyfromchi2004 Registered+

    White bear Lake here!
  2. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    Just east of minnesota...I live in Eau Claire, WI. Got mostly beasters here but u can get better shit if u know the right people. Also some shitty schwagg going around....crap doesn't even get u high.
  3. eevus

    eevus Registered+

    me too
  4. lizdemeanor

    lizdemeanor Registered

    I live in Minneapolis... not many people here from the actual Twin Cities it seems... ya crazy suburbanites ;)
  5. rangerswyfe

    rangerswyfe Registered+

    mapleton, MN

    Yeah us hicks down here know how to toke it baby!!!:stoned:
  6. jcdubs

    jcdubs Registered

    Livin in Maple Grove... Anybody out there?
  7. carrotfire

    carrotfire Registered+

    Close to Minnesota

    as in Fargo
  8. blindoutfit

    blindoutfit Registered

    Northfield, MN.
  9. DarkD3vil

    DarkD3vil Registered

    Coon rapids reppin
  10. Northstarchronic.

    Northstarchronic. Registered

  11. MoRbid MuNkEy

    MoRbid MuNkEy Registered

  12. glazzkak

    glazzkak Registered

    prior lake

    im from prior lake...and it sucks out here...maybe i just dont know enough people but the last stuff i had was from the reservation and was horrible especially at fifty an eighth
  13. sociallyevaded

    sociallyevaded Registered

    Bossin' in Andover. Duluth during the school year.
  14. RIPBradleyN

    RIPBradleyN Registered


    From Rochester but im in mankato for the school year:Rasta:
  15. freeroamer

    freeroamer Registered

    St. Paul

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