So, i have all these THC crystals..

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by stangle12, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. stangle12

    stangle12 Registered+

    what can i do with them? besides sprinkle on a bowl. Think i can put them under my toung? dissolve it all in. anybody try anything like that?
  2. d00d989

    d00d989 Registered+

    no dont put them under your toungue, you will waste them. the THC has to be activated by heat or else it wont work.

    smoke them!!!
  3. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

  4. likemclever

    likemclever Registered+

    How can that be true..........if you eat it will get you high.

    but I would still smoke it.
  5. daZenfmeister

    daZenfmeister Banned

    You have to bake it in something with butter or another fat-based food.
  6. likemclever

    likemclever Registered+


    wow I never knew that. I just assumed if you ate a nice tasty bud than you would still get stoned.

    learn something new every day
  7. Oli

    Oli Registered+

    Just smoke that shit.
  8. Az.

    Az. Registered+

    i thought you could just eat it aswell...

    The reason i thought people used fat was so that the thc could be absorbed. But i did not think that was the only way you could eat it.
  9. ultimatenyc

    ultimatenyc Registered+

    me and a friend smoked a bowl of hairs and crystals from some kush a few nights ago. iv never been so high. it was pretty uncomfortable tbh.
  10. KoRnStaR

    KoRnStaR Registered+

    how was it uncomfortable?
  11. ultimatenyc

    ultimatenyc Registered+

    well, it was a very heavy narcotic-like stone. wasnt what i was expecting at the time i guess hahaha. id never smoked only crystals and hairs before and didnt think it would be as strong as it was.
  12. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Take the crystals, fold them in half, and place them under a chair for the night. By morning, your hat should be all broken in!!!
  13. whyamiwhite

    whyamiwhite Registered+

    hash melts under your tongue so why wouldn't crystals? granted you may have to hold em there for a while but it dissolves.
  14. Caruso329

    Caruso329 Registered

    For all those still not grasping it, THC HAS TO BE HEATED TO ACTIVATE!
    When you bake brownies, cupcakes, bread, or anything else, the oven you cook it in is heating the cannabis (or cannabutter more than likely) and releasing the THC into your food. If you eat a straight bud, you will not get high, if you do it is a placebo high. Straight trichomes and hairs are called kif, they make devices called kif catchers which do nothing but get the kif off your bud. If you smoke kif, it is a much more potent high. So, just smoke it.
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  15. pabloescobar209

    pabloescobar209 Registered+

    your a moron
  16. dreadydrug

    dreadydrug Registered+

    dur!!!!!!!!!! are you all fucking reptiles or summin, body tempreture inside is hotter than it is outside Especially in your stomach. if you eat it, it will get you stoned, but it'll take longer to.
  17. blastfast

    blastfast Registered+

    This is the problem with the internet, there's no control over people posting information that they 'believe' to be correct, if the guy asking the questions listened to half the people here he'd be wasting kif,
  18. Caruso329

    Caruso329 Registered

    98.6 degrees F is not hot enough to release Delta 9 THC or Delta 8 THC.
    So.... duuuuuuurrrrrr!!!! yourself.
  19. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+


  20. likemclever

    likemclever Registered+

    I don’t doubt the people that say the THC needs to be heat activated but my question is this:

    There comes a point when the heat would become too great. Wouldn’t it burn off the THC?

    How do you know when you have enough heat and how do you know when you have too much?

    Cookies bake at about 350

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