SO I think ill use a friends pee..

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by cieply420, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Any tips on how to sneak in enough urine for the test? Its pre-employment so I plan to hide it in my bra. But how can I make sure it stays warm enough (90-99 degrees?) and does anybody know about how much urine I should bring in? 30ml I think? Im too afraid I think to use the synthetic urine or the powder stuff advertised on this site.. and I don't trust my body to dilute. This job is literally everything to me, and I can not risk a fail. Its once in a life time. Tips and suggestions please! :hippy:
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    Had a friend recently tell me of using his cousin's urine in a non lubricated condom. Said he poked a small hole to release it(wouldn't be too hard I wouldn't think) and carried it in his taint. Might get messy though.
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    QuickFix UrineLuck is the best I have used it several times and well worth the 50 or so dollars if this job is that important to you, one way I did it, was get some guys underwear..well this is kinda harder to explain then anything but there is a pouch thats under the sack lol, duck tape most of that up and hide the bottle in there, A. its secure B. it will be nice and warm just my .02
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    Thank you!! Im debating between hiding it in my bra, and hiding it in my undies. Im taking two samples just incase one leaks or cools off too much. Im still curious how much I need, but then again Im using a real sample so im sure thats pretty good naturally and shouldnt have to worry about it!

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    This may be a weird question, but do they watch women pee like they do guys? I had NEVER thought about it in terms of a female perspective. Usually the "watchers" don't pay TOO close attention, but when they do I claim shy bladder.
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    Two ounces should cover it, but sometimes you'll get a tester that wants a little more. I would take 3 just to be safe.

    Also, hand warmers are a great way to keep it warm and IMHO... I would stay away from the condoms. There is a possibility that they could burst leaving you screwed. Travel shampoo bottles work great for substitution. Just remember to get your sample right before you go take the test. Human urine starts to break down after 8 hours, unless its frozen.
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    They do if its a supervised drug screen, but this is just a pre employment screen :)
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    Im getting it same day and will try to go directly there. I also bought hand warmers perfect size for panties or bra. I was thinking of doing both. Just incase of that, and practicing. I just need to practice a lot tonight and tomorrow and see what works best. Also, Ive been tracking my samples as far as amount and im peeing 4ozs.


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