So what strain is?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Big Calhoun, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Big Calhoun

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    Typical commercial stuff you'd get from any dealer? I always wondered about that. I can always tell it's commercial b/c it's basically the same sweet smell and weedy taste that I get from the avg street dealer. Although I gotta admit, this latest batch has very little seeds and stems. Anyone know what the typical strain is for 'commercial' street weed?
  2. 3rdEyeVision

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    I think "commercial" would have more to do with the way its grown not its strain.....I dont think there is a typical strain for it....there could be certain strains around your city though do too dealers dealing seeds or something
  3. mojoke

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    street weed is usually brick weed from mexico and shit. can get a qp for under 300 dollars.
  4. Nochowderforyou

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    I don't think it goes based on strains but the way ot's produced. Commercial growers probably don't even know what strain they're growing as they're in it for cash, not quality. They're usually large scale grows, so that's why you get seeds sometimes, as going through hundreds of plants, it's easy to miss a male.

    I couldn't tell you though. I'm guessing they get clones. Faster to grow, no males. What strains though, who knows. The quickest ones to grow and the highest yeilders I'm guessing.
  5. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    Fair enough. Just funny how you can go from state to state to state and get the same street weed in almost every state...seedy, compact, sweet smelling, dark green.
  6. mojoke

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    its brick weed from mexico. anyone wanting to make money can get a qp of it and make a grand.

    if you try to sell me some brickweed as chron or mids, i will kill you.
  7. rhino44

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    The typical bc strain is called m39. A cross between northern lights #5 X skunk #1. Not a bad strain if grown right but usually overfed chemicals to the last minute to increase yield creating the dreaded beaster bud. The first pic here is a nice example of rezdogs m39 grown correctly. The second pic is some chemied up m39 the typical beast.

    woops missed that mark on the second photo. oh well. took me a few minutes to find an example of that shit.

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  8. OzzyOz

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    rez grows some good strains...

    here... i normally can find out what i'm getting
    It depends
    if i pick up regs, i have no idea on the strain.

    Normally if i buy an ounce for $280, i have the selection of cherry cough or juicy fruit.

    I can get bomb ass bud for $375 an ounce like sour diesel, trainwreck, purple urkle, and some kushes.

    So if i buy high-quality shit, i normally know the strain... but if i buy $15/gram stuff... it's normally decent enough for the price that i just don't care about the strain.
  9. Anathema2121

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    Lol, thats the great thing about TX, Ounces of schwag for 40 bucks, Qps for a bill, maybe 120 tops, bricks for 375 and thats if you're just getting one. Since about 2 years ago the shitty brick weed has mostly dissappeared and now its mainly damn good schwag. Texas is pretty much the land of the never-ending blunt rotation. Oh, and QPs of good dro go for like 1000-1200 which isn't anything special.

    And to big calhoun, I know what you're talking about, the kinda sweet just weed taste almost all brick weed has.
  10. D1me

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    the second pic looks like about 2/3 of the weed i get, at like 30 for a half track, 60 for a track

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