soaking seeds 24 hours before germination

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bigitaly4life, Aug 29, 2009.

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    i just got some really good seeds from california..i would be so upset if i ruined the grow in any way. i was just curious if you guys soak the seeds in water or just throw em right in a wet paper towel and into the zip lock. i personally have never soaked my seeds pre-germination, but if you guys say its worth it, i'll definitely give it a try.
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    someone correct me if I am wrong but you should only soak seeds that are old if they are fresh seeds you should just plant directly into the medium you are using
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    do NOT pre-soak your seeds ... place DRY seeds, into 75-degree, pre-moistened soil, and don't overwater ... this whole 'pre-soaking and wet paper towels' thing has killed more seedlings from Pythium Wilt, than anything else, I can think of ... I know you won't take MY word on it, so here's a thorough explanation from Mike, of Mandala Seeds ... like my signature says: 'imitate nature' ... good luck ... :smokin:

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    Thats strange... personally ive always used a shot glass full of warm distilled water and as soon as I see them start to crack i put in soil. But... I suppose I wont do that anymore after reading that article.

    Good info to know.
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    I like a lot of growers used to do the paper towel thing until I read the words of Mike at Mandala seeds. I quit doing the paper towel thing last year and have never looked back. If you think about it for a second in nature how many cannabis seeds in the wild happen to fall on wet paper towels and germinate. Most fall where they may and do just fine. Don't believe it take some old bag seed in the spring of the year and broadcast them along a ditch bank and see what happens without the paper towels.
    I just germinated 15 Mental Floss, 5 Northern Lights and 5 Blueberry X Ak47 seeds this week in 16oz cups with potting soil and ph'd water. 100 percent success, no problem. BTW the Image Reaper is right on.
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    awesome guys..thanks so much..i appreciate it.

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