Soaking weed in alcohol?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by doingme4life, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. doingme4life

    doingme4life Registered

    I hear that is suppose to get you higher, any one know if its true?
  2. ive soaked a joints worth in everclear and then drank the shot

    got me fukked
  3. PaRaNoIa

    PaRaNoIa Registered+


    I wouldn't recomend it.. Like, PUFFF and you're stash is gone.. All the alcohol made it flamable.. lol.. Think about it!

    You're lighting you're bowl or joint or whatever, and then just poofff!! All up in flames.. lol!!:D
  4. doingme4life

    doingme4life Registered

    i heard u soak it and then let it dry and i heard it gets u fucked up
  5. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    Ummm...smoking weed after putting it in alcohol won't get you any more fucked up. You put the weed in the alchol to let the alcohol absorb all, if not most, of the THC in the weed. Then you drink the alcohol, and it gets you fucked! Its called green dragon, my man.
  6. prplchknz

    prplchknz Registered+

    why not take a hit of weed then a shot of alcohol and alternate? until the alcohol and weed's gone
  7. Jay Matix

    Jay Matix Registered+

    yea your suppose to dip the blunt rapper in alcohol then let it dry.

    but that's not really good... alcohol kills THC i heard.

    And also, you should never dip your blunt in anything sugary, especially honey or anything like that because the sugar crystalizes in your lungs, and you really don't want that.

    Best thing to do is just keep your weed and drink seperate. and do both seperate. i mean theres no real point in combining them....


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