Social Anxiety Disorder

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    "Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Anxiety (intense nervousness) and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged and criticized by others. Many people are uneasy with shyness in others, especially in cultures which value individuality and taking charge."

    This disorder has pleged my entire adolescence and early adulthood life, Being the shy guy..has really effected my soical life, obviously. Relationships, are what make life worth living... and it really kills you when you cant shake this anxiety. When I'm with my few good friends(life-long buddies), family. I'm super outgoing and social. But when you put me in an unknown group of people, or around females...I shut off. I want the relationship with the person but it becomes a forced thing...It cant just come "natural" because of my anxiety. "Why is your friend so quite?"... I see men walking around with beautiful girlfriends.. I want that..kind of relationship so badly you can taste it... but to get that you gotta speak up. The anxiety has a hold around my balls and wont let go...It just wont.. People say man, Just get over it and lighten if social anxiety disorder was a light switch that one could turn on and off. If I could I's not that easy.

    This of course has lead to some major depression, Which has lead to alcohol to numb the pain.. alcohol-depression go hand in hand... I've been down some dark roads with that evil tonic. I'm just know getting off the souce and trying to face my problems head on.

    Sorry for the post, Just had to get some stuff off my chest. Now it's time to face the world...either they accept or reject me, I can only be me...

    Good day.
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    I am like that if I am not high enough. I am 60% hard of hearing, which makes it hard to hear people coming from behind me or from the side, obviously. Anyways my stepdad would always make a mission of catching me whacking off. when he did he'd throw me in my room and gut every last bit of anything that could be possibly entertaining, and keep me there for about 3 months at a time. I would come out only for hours of manual labor. I had no friends and I still don't have any, but with weed I can get through social situations happily.
    :Rasta: cannabis is truly transformative and its helping me forget that horrible thing and a whole host of others. I am only 21 still, hopefully lots of life ahead of me :p

    oh, the reason for this post is that I suffer from a similiar malady, just for different reasons.
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    You pretty much described me in a nutshell lazysmoking420, or at least how I was. I know how it is, you feel like if you reveal anything personal about yourself, especially romantic feelings for someone, you're opening up a vulnerable wound and preparing for the person to pour salt in it.

    I have (recently) about 80% gotten over my SAD, and I believe you can too. Believe me, mine was just as bad. I lived 4 years in total social reclusion with no friends, and while I could be myself around my old time friends from out of town, I was terrified of meeting new people or having a conversation. I think a large part of it is that is not having that natural social instinct, knowing how to make chit-chat. There's also the fear of saying the wrong thing, I would often say one thing then repeat it in my head a hundred times, thinking of all the different ways I could and should have said it.

    The reason I did get over it, the reason you can get over it too, is the following.

    1. I forced myself to go with my friends to social events, with strangers, and go through the intense discomfort and resist the urge to run out the door and go somewhere alone. Practice practice practice, it's all about conditioning the mind.

    2. Keep your breathing in mind, and keep the breaths slow and deep.

    3. Socialize with new people mixed with your familiar group, so all the talking doesn't fall on your shoulders.

    4. This is the biggest one, the one that totally changed my social outlook and feelings. I finally decided to socialize after taking some of that special bud. You know, the bud that's just so wonderful you're in a state of ecstasy. The one where you just wanna eat Mango's Doughnuts Mandarines and Apples. Don't make it a habbit, just use this special bud as a tool once or twice. You'll finally get that perspective on socializing where you can relax.
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  4. Polymirize

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    Part of the bias in society I suppose. Someday we'll rise up and overthrow those tyrannical extroverts.
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    I honestly used to have the same problem..during high school..but I believe it to be nothing more than lack of conditioning of the MrDevious said...if you take yourself away from the social pressures of life for too long, or never delve too deeply into it in the first'll be untrained and anxiety will can get over it though, but first you need to build self confidence..once you've established that just put yourself in as many akward situations as you can...what I did was get a job as a waiter at a restaurant..I thought there was no way I could do it but for me it only took 2 tables before I was happened that quickly...

    so for the rambling but to recap..
    1) get comfortable with yourself (through working out..whatever)
    2) put yourself around people and get used to how it is

    You wonder why you're comfortable around your family and no one's cause you've been with your family your whole's all conditioning
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    And one day the meek shall inherit the earth.
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    Some intelligent insights and some very simplistic, logical, advice. Its ironic because the last place anyone would look for such understanding on a topic like this would be a drugs forum, I mean I belong to a social anxiety website and so many people there get it so wrong, and I come here and eveything you need to get over social anxiety and the core mechanics behind it are right up there in the posts above.

    Like already mentioned, getting over social anxiety requires repetition of neutral, realistic, rational information which creates new neural pathways in the brain. CBT for those that don't know is just a form of conditioning yourself to think differently and inturn effects behaviour and the way you feel, it dosen't change who you are however, if anything it enables you to be who you are more freely around people without limitation. What it does is lessen irrational thoughts, teaches you to react to what's actually there, and not listen to totally irrational fear.

    Also, I've never taken estacy but I sure as hell want to try it :D
  8. MegaOctane12

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    I've just realised I can't say that on these boards so delete the last part if you need to, my bad
  9. Trip06

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    If anybody dosent get a lot of social contact there going to be off. I was a loner as a kid so I pretty much stuck to myself. Now being older (21) Im still quiet but socialable. Things that sucked when I was young, when people like baby you or are afraid your a nut. It is just a matter of getting over ones self but embarassing when people do that to you.
  10. The Colonel

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    "there will come a time when everybody who is lonely will be free to sing and dance and love"
  11. Antihero867

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    Dude i used to have that same problem. And i really feel for you. But recentley i have been turning my life completly around and its because of one thing. The Secret! It has completly changed my life. The secret is a book about the law of attraction. And it has been made into the DVD. Ive seen the DVD and want to read the book. Its verry good. Its kinda a tough concept to swollow at first but when you stick to it you will eventually get it. You can check out their web site at Law of Attraction :: The Secret :: Official Web Site of The Secret Movie, And It will change your life if you are willing to accept it. Or you can read a book called "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. This is the book that the secret was based off of. Try it out dude. If you stick to it i guarentee success. But you have to stick to it. And it takes time.
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    man i have the same problems as you and i can say i completely agree with mrdevious about the "special bud". it seriously is a great tool for people like us with bad social anciety, it will really help you open up. Many therapists in the 80s when this bud was first being harvested realized how valuable tool it was for this, but once again the government had to fuck it up. Seriously man you just need to get some of this bud and go out with your close friends and go to a nice concert, preferably a jam band cause all the people are very friendly there and everyons happy and just enjoying the music, i guarantee you youll have a great time and meet a bunch of new friends, and then youll realize how easy it really least that helped for me......and i still have social anxiety but since the first time i tried it i have slowly but surely getting better at social situations and metting new people
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    I would rather be hated for who I,AM.then loved for who I,am not
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  14. mrdevious

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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. Trip06

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    Oh and If you do extasy to become more socailable and open, keep in mind your pupils will be diolated, you'll be acting like a fairy, and people will know your on something. -from experience.
  16. mrdevious

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    (rules man)
  17. bmxrider4450

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    what is a good strain to smoke for anxiety?
  18. experiencetalking

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    You are not alone

    Dear user,

    I understand where you are coming from. I hold the same anxiety. Social anxiety disorder. Many people do not understand why we with this avoid eye contact, lower ourselves, change character to assimilate, become that which we deep inside are not. We consider ourselves to be misunderstood, mis-interpreted characters who "creep" out others around us. The truth is, these are false ideas that we hold in our mind. I remember smoking marijuana and believing that the gift of insight was given to me, when in actual fact, they trully were in depth fantasies of what was not reality. No character goes so far as to dissect exactly what we sociophobes can. Disect and analyse to the point of exhaustion, yet, they are not true. The are internal ideations conjoured up by the paranoia that eats away at us. Grants us nothing but the loss of sleep, the desire to become reclusive, and the denial of the people that love us, and want nothing more than for us to be happy with ourselves. I wish all the best to those suffering with this. That they may seek the help they deserve, and finally be at piece with themselves. Please, if you have this disorder, do not smoke marijuana. It will only worsen the disorder. Peace and love,
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  19. Innominate

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    It is not easy to get along with animals. People are ruthless, you have every reason to fear, but you have every opportunity to step through it.

    Don't believe you're obligated to fully-interact with society. It doesn't have to be a necessity if others believe so.
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  20. whatdahell?

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    i found the best way to deal with social anxiety disorder is to force yourself to into the "awkward" experiences and they will gradually get easier. i know because I had a huge problem with public speaking, and after about 3 years i have gotten over it. its not easy, and i have experienced relapses but it can be cured without prescripiton drugs or therapy

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