Social stigma of being a "Stoner"

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by LazySmoking420, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. LazySmoking420

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    Being a Marijuana user aka "Stoner" is part of our shame-based cultural belief system labeled apon pot users by non-users. Although being called a Stoner has it's glory with others of the same kind. It's when the outsiders try to label you, "He's just a stupid stoner", "Low life"..."Pothead" when you start to feel the flames from the outside world. I kinda look at it from a Black person's point of view. It's okay for someone in the same race to say "What up (N word)". But when It's said in a negative way from the outside. It's a whole new term.

    I just want to clear up the bad "stigma" that ALL potheads are stupid, worthless, lazy, have no feelings & careless. I do think alot of this is ignorance and the system brain washing are youth.

    Have you ever delt with nagative vibes from the other side?
  2. beachguy in thongs

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    Man, those are some lazy choice of words.

    You're right. I see my Brother's eyes opening, when he's a 1984 H.S. graduate who said to me, sometime this century (sorry for the generalization, but you know what I mean), "Chris, Pot makes you stupid."
  3. RobPA

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    Yes I have in the past (over 4 years ago) and I always answered it with my fists (not the best way) but nowadays its either you accept me for who i am or you can go fu@k yourself. "hahaha you fuckin stoner" yeah a 6'0 230lb 4th dan in aikido stoner :pimp:
  4. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    lol. So I'm a stoner.

    Stone me.
  5. smokin dope

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    pot probally makes us stupid, but fuck it, who needs intellegence?

    all i need to know is 28 grams, how to drive my caddy and how to lay the mack down on the hoes.

    i like being viewed as a pot head, id rather be puffin
  6. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    i donno, maybe in some areas, but all the brothas at my college, i say nigga all day long and we still cool. and im white, well tanned but still white! :dance:
  7. mrdevious

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    Aikido eh? that's awsome! I did Judo before hurting myself, then a year later tried Aidiko. I really liked it but unfortunately injurred myself again, this time permanently. Hope you enjoy yourself :) .
  8. LazySmoking420

    LazySmoking420 Registered+

    It has never really bothered me. But when people that you dont even know want give you the time of day because they learned that you smoke it's kinda frustrating. How many people hide there ways to avoid ridicule?
  9. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    i really hope, no one on this entire sites tries and hide the fact your a pot head.

    be proud of it, i will go into any store or any social event ripped as possible, chink eyed like a mother fucker, i really could care less what someones gonna say...

    "wow your stoned, your such a stoner"

    ya i am, what you tryin to say? im prob gonna puff after this convo too!!

    ive puffed many many blunts and j';s outside of stores, outside the mall, puffin while going threw the drive thru, its all good when you a stoner
  10. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    You apparantly haven't done any research on the subject.

    Your definition of "stupid" is probably quite different from mine though.
  11. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    haha maybe huh?

    and no i havent done the research, proablly for the reasdon that it does not bother me. if it makes me not as smart, big deal.

    but hey if ya wanna show me, some research that it does not affect anything brain and intellect wise, show me, id be happy to read it.

    all i know is ive been smokin since, well fuck, junior high and im 20 now. but all i know is that my memory is fuckn horse shit, i can hardly remember shit that went on the day before....last few years has been a blur...could be from the weed? if not, i got no idea what it is from.
  12. drboots13

    drboots13 Registered+

    Probably is.
  13. LazySmoking420

    LazySmoking420 Registered+

    LOL. Well said.

    I'm just trying to shad some light because it is America.

    This makes me wanna go roll a Jay, :Rasta:
  14. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    I'm not really social,so I wouldn't know...
  15. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    Unfortunately there's allways some truth to stereotypes. The most common is that in a majority of cases, potheads don't graduate school, they live in parents/grandparents rooms/basements. They go for less than the bare minimum and end up getting jobs flipping burgers and spend half of the minimum wage paychecks on weed they really dont need but they have to "roll fat blunts". Not to mention it seems that hardly any potheads seem to vote.

    That being said, don't go flaming me because you're 35 and own your own business or something. I'm not saying EVERYONE who smokes weed does these things, but ususally you can think of at least 3 people you know who meet 2 of my requirements. I don't agree my no means that this is the way people should think of us. Sometimes you have to hear the harsh truth in order to change. All I can say is that I want to prove myself wrong :D
  16. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Is that from smoking pot or them being un-motivated?

    It's when you put pot as your main focus and put it ahead of everything in life that things fall apart and I've felt this first hand.

    It happens to people who use alochol, people who have sex, people who use anti depressants, people who run, people who work, and people who smoke.

    There are so many more key points not brought up..

    -How much that person is smoking
    -How often that person is smoking
    -How high that person's tolerance is
    -WHAT you decide to do while you're high, ect.

    What's that? Pot makes you feel tired and unmotivated so all you do is watch TV while you smoke? You smoke all the time without restricting yourself? 2+2. Where's the big fucking suprise?

    Tell me drinking alcohol all day won't make you unmotivated eventually.

    Stereotypes are fucking rediculous and to me, they can't even be used in a serious context whatsoever.

    It's a stereotype for a reason.
    "An mistaken idea that many people have about a culture different from their own."
    "Biased generalizations about a group based on hearsay, opinions, and distorted, preconceived ideas."

    To say the stoner stereotype is true, is to say we all smoke, kill our friends, and then attempt to commit suicide after going on a crime spree breaking 30+ laws. All of this followed by uncontrollable laughter.

    I know the people you speak of, my dealer is one of them. He hasn't had a steady job in 4 years, lives in his mom's garage, is starting to get into coke and doesn't think there's a single thing wrong with what he's doing or how he's living his life.
    Obviously he has problems and needs to sort his way of thinking out and lay off of the marijuana for a few months.

    Once again, it's a DRUG. It alters your perception of thinking (unless you have a high tolerance) and if it's all you look forward to everyday, you need to re-evaulate your life and lay off of the cheeba for a week or two.

    Judge me by my actions, not what I put into my body.
  17. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    yea I should have mentioned that the same behavior I mentioned is made by people who don't smoke up as well. I'm sure there's a connection (a dumbass is a dumbass high or not). Like I said, I'm not saying all people who smoke act like this (I don't), but when an outsider thinks of a lazy stoner, this is what they think of. I allways like it when people say "Oh you smoke? I never would have guessed"
  18. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    I knew when I posted it that I would get a long post about how I'm wrong, but that's fine. I'm not here to argue, just stating the truth. Stereotypes are bad, but the only way to beat them is prove 'em wrong :thumbsup:
  19. PushaSimp

    PushaSimp Registered

    my gf threatened to break up with me the other night because she doesn't want people to think she is dating a "pothead". it sucked pretty bad.
  20. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    I know I quoted you benagain, but that wasn't entirely directed to you. A lot of that was just me going off on a tangent because I'm sick of hearing how pot is so "addicting" when I watch my mom rot in front of the TV every night smoking cigarettes.

    Same happened to me. Now I stopped telling her and I make sure to brush my lips as well so she's not to taste anything. :thumbsup:

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