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  1. OmegaVermelho

    OmegaVermelho Registered+

    Here´s something that u all should have a look at, its nice reading and has some good advice plus its free download, have a look ... Peace and Pot
  2. bud breath420

    bud breath420 Registered+

    good find mate.. this is a good read
  3. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    u can also get the paper free, i get it from my local hydro shop its a great read
  4. EckyThump

    EckyThump Registered+

    Lucky you man. i tried several hydro shops and nothing. 2 didnt even hear of it lol.. Oh well :stoned:
  5. Legalizdahurb

    Legalizdahurb Registered+

    My local grow shop has it. I would highly recomend it.
  6. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    yeah me too hey legal do ya remember that ganja plant that was as tall as the building it was near lol
    cheers all :)
  7. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    thanks for the link ... amazing how well titties go with marijuana ... :D
  8. Legalizdahurb

    Legalizdahurb Registered+

    Yeah Buster. It was a full Ganja TREE, I wish it was mine. LOL

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