Soil Runoff pH, Flushing to correct lockouts- Why and how to do it!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by stinkyattic, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Yo Stinky I have a ? if you dont mind. I have 2 plants outdoor. Both of which are Indicas. 1 gets about 12.5 hours of light. Other gets 13.5 hours.They're buried in about a 2.5 ft deep X 2 ft sq hole. I used 75% miracle grow soil, 10% moisture control soil, and 15% reg dirt. I use well water which test perfect. Jamacian guano as fertilizer once a week. I have been using superthrive the past 2 weeks. Once a week as well. I have done it like this for 5 years now. an 4 days ago they both started wilting. Lower leaves have turned yellow, some of which have browning on the tips. I have watered them to make sure thats not the problem. There is no major bug problem. Do you have idea what else might cause me these problems?
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    hey bud, stinky hasn't been around for abit check IC mag com for stinky ..;)
    or fill out that plant problems checklist and another fine grower will try to help ya out, have you feed too much nutes & locked em out? or the biggest easiest mistake with babies is overwatering,, maybe there just hungry! I cant tell :wtf:
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