Soma's Organic Growing Bed

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Organic Rasta, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Organic Rasta

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    I absolutely love this guy's methods.
    Check out the growbeds.....

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  2. jamstigator

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    I've got Soma's book that details this method. To be honest, keeping all the roots together like that seems pretty risky to me. Get root disease on a plant and you don't just lose one plant, you could lose EVERY plant. So, I decided to stick to the one plant per pot method, just to be on the safe side. And no regrets here. I'm sure Soma's methods work fine most of the time though.
  3. Organic Rasta

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    .....Mr Me Too

    I have Soma's Book and quite a few others from various writers.

    Have you ever seen anjy of xBox666's work over at Gardens's Cure

    check these pics out.....

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  4. Organic Rasta

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    Here are a couple more.....

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  5. Buddahbear

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    Has anyone tried this yet?

    To be honest I'm considering doing a small scale version of this, as well as utilizing some organic guano tea. I plan on using this on a small scale flowering room experimenting with the new Odor Reducing (and also C02 producing) warm spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs supplimented with a 400 or 600 watt High Pressure Sodium with reflector. I figure this will make some quality herbs.

    I have a seperate vegetation/cloning room with multiple compact fluoros with cool spectrum.

    It's going to be a pretty big experiment but I am very intrigued by the principals of growing Organic Marijuana Soma Style that I'm just going to do it. I'll post pictures and make a grow post.
  6. Buddahbear

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    Is this aeroponics with soil?

    Would you guys call this an aeroponic soil method? Plants roots get so much exgtra oxygen from this, and the soil drains. I'm so pumped to try this.
  7. scrxbandit

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    root rot isnt an issue if you suplement with enzymes and use organic fertilizers. the soil in the beds should be 100% recycleable
  8. Lit Up

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    This thread is like over 2 years old.
  9. Chronic Future

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    his soil mix sounds pretty dank what is black peat anyone know ?

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