Some bud, and my new Glass blunt

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by PdoubleOTY, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. PdoubleOTY

    PdoubleOTY Registered+

    ok so i bought a new piece that the headshop called a Glass Blunt, but its really just an adjustable chillum...its a big tube wtih a smaller one inside of it that slides up and down to adjust hte size of the will hold a SHITLOAD too if you want it too, but its perfect to pack 1 hitters, party bowls, or even a blunt worth to smoke...its hard to see in the pics, but if you look close enough you can see..

    also this was some headies i picked up, got a quarter for 110$ which is a little pricey but i barely knew the guy so he was al ittle sketchy cuttin me a deal, but oh well..

    oh and thats hemmy...he got high

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  2. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    i always wondered do those glass blunts keep rolling without having to continously relight it like a blunt. otherwsie why do they call it a glass blunt. frankly id like to have one either way because id like an adjustable chillum but im just wondering what the deal is with the name
  3. PdoubleOTY

    PdoubleOTY Registered+

    no they do not stay lit too easily...i think its called a glass blunt just becuase you hold it/smoke it like a blunt, yet its glass...we sometimes roll a nice blunt to put in there cuase it makes an easssssy easssy smoke, shotguns are phenomenal, and easy clean up.but yea they are definately worth teh money cuase its a chillum, bowl, party bowl, roach holder, blunt holder,whatever you want it to be!
  4. 2600HERTZ

    2600HERTZ Registered+

    I like it, it seems like passing it when high would allow for much less risk for burns. DAMN ROACHES.
  5. Willard_420

    Willard_420 Registered+

    Even the cat is stoned. That's the spirit! Nice buds and nice glass man!
  6. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    GLASS BLUNT!!!!!

    i love those things so much..suprisingly, they slave ALOT of weed.

    My friend just picked up one yesterday, and we blaze a fat bowl of snowcap out of it... needless to say, i was extremely faded
  7. Grape Ape

    Grape Ape Registered+

    Thats one freaky lookin cat dude, cool green eyes. Dank bud, smoke it up!
  8. Midnight Toking

    Midnight Toking Registered+

    that reminds me of a crack pipe LoL
    The BUD looks good dont let the pussy get it
  9. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    midnight ,i believe that is a crack pipe.. Nice nugs though man
  10. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    Watch that cat, he got scheem in his eyes.
  11. Midnight Toking

    Midnight Toking Registered+

    I think the cat got into the crack, look in the eyes

  12. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    dude I think the cat actually just toked it a little! Half-open eyes are always an indication

    I love glass blunts, that's a great pickup, I really miss mine after it got jacked at a party, I love how they're adjustable so you can just rip a little snap if you want or you can pack all of it, have fun with that
  13. station

    station Registered+

    you have very nice penmanship :D

    nice crack pipe and very nice looking dope.
    keep ur eye on the pussy he looks like hes up to no good
  14. PdoubleOTY

    PdoubleOTY Registered+

    yea, hemmy gets high every time

    we always exhale a hit in his face, and he runs away to this spot on the floor, and then once he lays donw, he'll let you blow him 2 or 3 hits...he just drops his ears and squints his eyes...then he just eats all his food, drinks a ton of water, and chiiillss
  15. station

    station Registered+

    u named ur cat hemmy? ha thats awesome
  16. PdoubleOTY

    PdoubleOTY Registered+

    well its not my cat, and thats not my penmanship either :)

    its my friend becca's place that i chill at all the time, and we call him Hemmy cuase he's like a hemroid, a real pain in the ass, but we love him
  17. Midnight Toking

    Midnight Toking Registered+

    I should name all 4 of my kids Hemmy as that can be real pains at the wrong time

    I still like the nuggs
  18. Hey! you have no classes on the 15th ^^

    lol, sick glass though, and nice nugz
  19. cletus mandingo

    cletus mandingo Registered

    now does the bud in the glass blunt ever slide to the back? i was just wondering because i was going to buy one:S3:
  20. PdoubleOTY

    PdoubleOTY Registered+

    if its sticky enough you can pack it tight enough and it careful with the ash at the end,but i just buy tiny screens and stuff em down in there, PROBLEM SOLVED!@

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